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A (A-flat; also called la bémol) is the first note of the A♭ major scale. A/G is the only note to have only one other enharmonic.

Designation by octave

Scientific designation Helmholtz designation Octave name Frequency (Hz)
A−1 A͵͵͵ or ͵͵͵A or AAAA Octocontra 12.978
A0 A͵͵ or ͵͵A or AAA Subcontra 25.957
A1 A͵ or ͵A or AA Contra 51.913
A2 A Great 103.826
A3 a Small 207.652
A4 a One-lined 415.305
A5 a′′ Two-lined 830.609
A6 a′′′ Three-lined 1661.219
A7 a′′′′ Four-lined 3322.438
A8 a′′′′′ Five-lined 6644.875
A9 a′′′′′′ Six-lined 13289.75
A10 a′′′′′′′ Seven-lined 26579.501


Common scales beginning on A

  • A Major: A B C D E F G A
  • A Natural Minor: A B C D E F G A
  • A Harmonic Minor: A B C D E F G A
  • A Melodic Minor Ascending: A B C D E F G A
  • A Melodic Minor Descending: A G F E D C B A
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