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Caracol, Nord Est, also known as Trou Du Nord is part of Haiti's well known area for Agriculture. Its character strives for the benefits of what Family stands for. Hand in hand Lui'nion Fait La Force. Trou du Nord is regard and observed as the home centre of Haiti's President Jovenel Moise who was born June 26 l968. Jovenel Moise is a renown business man who joined Haiti's presidential party of Tet Kate Kale. His presidential party begun in Feb 7, 2017. His aspirations started with the determination to bring Haiti's pep(people) together, to unify the country specifically from an economical structure since that's where Haiti needs to focus on. The main economical structure of Haiti's dependence from a foundational perspective on the stand of monetary needs is agriculture as stated before. With any country whether home or abroad agriculture is what keeps a nation going. Almost every " developed" countries hides this simple truth because they have stolen from many of what is term uncolonized countries in order to fuel their countries. Since they have stolen so much from Haiti what we see in the media as success from these " "developed" countries are a result of their piracy. In turn when we look at these " developed nations we see glamour, wealth, or what many of us would grasped as bling bling. Lets bear in mind these "developed" political nations does not partake in agriculture which is the foundation for any nations ability to strive and live. These "developed" nations replacement of agriculture is plastic food and lab made food. Their since of agriculture has been far removed from them. Haiti's s main focus is agriculture a should any nation in order to excel. If it appears that haiti is not benefiting much from "glamour's" life such as the " developed" nations are know that is why. when you open that television remember you are watching thievery masked as glamour; when any persons travel abroad they see a much "refiner nation/s" as a result of such thievery. The " undeveloped" nations are the reason for such glamour or thievery portrayed for the masses. Jovenel Moise, the president of Haiti represents a nation moving forward however little the progress is; as many of us know that its people is waking up from a system of souse peze for hundreds of years. Indeed, the entire globe has been rob by these "developed" countries and sadly Haiti was no exception. what set Haiti apart from other nations that has been robed by these" developed" nations is it is Luinion Fait La Force and that is the basis for Jovenel Moise place in the Party of Tet Kale. often we see and note that Haiti is one of the poorest country in the western Hemisphere, how can that be when Haiti is Haiti. Haiti made its mark as the pearl of the globe after all.

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