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Chuang Chuan-Ying
Born (1985-02-28) 28 February 1985 (age 37)
Banqiao, Taiwan
Nationality Taiwanese
Occupation Singer, Actress, Songwriter, Writer
Years active 2007–present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 莊鵑瑛
Simplified Chinese 莊鵑瑛
Musical career
Genres Mandopop
Instruments Vocals
Labels Universal

Chuang Chuan-Ying (莊鵑瑛 - 小球, born Feb 28th, 1985), also know by her stage/nickname ,“Ball”, is an Taiwanese singer, songwriter and actress. In 2007, she and Shen Sheng-Je formed a band “katncandix2” and started off busking in Xinyi District of Taipei City.


In 2008, the band released their first single, “2375”. They signed to Asia Muse Entertainment in 2009 and released several studio albums. In 2013, they announced that katncandix2 would take a long break.[1]

After taking a rest for a year, Ball started to continue her singer career. She published three EPs. Besides, she also participated in the play, "Merry Christmas", in 2014 and a musical movie, "52Hz, I Love You", in 2017. She released her debut solo album, "The life of stars", in 2017, after signed by Universal Music, followed by the second one "Best Ear" in 2018.



Title Title in Chinese Release date Track
BALLBALLROCK 嗨,我是小球! 2014/01/08 01 嗨!小球

02 是不是我還不夠好

Jiao Huan Shen Fen 交換身份 2014/05/09 01 交換身份

02 是你自己 而我愛妳

03 在這

GOGOROCK 一起走吧! 2014/06/28 01 一起走吧!
City of Stars 星星城市與我們 2018/10/12 01 星星城市與我們

Studio Albums

Title Title in Chinese Release date Track
The Life of Stars 星之所向 2017/03/17 01 好久不見

02 星之所向

03 七分滿



06 隨口說說

07 時光機

08 彼此彼此

09 希望

10 真實世界

11 此時此刻

12 to be continued...

Best Ear 巴斯特耳朵 2018/10/12 01 夢中歌

02 續

03 何必記念

04 私房景點

05 拼圖日記

06 無聊當有趣

07 刺蝟

08 巴斯特耳朵

09 不正常的正常

10 答案

11 Unfinished

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