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Dendropsophus shiwiarum
Scientific classification
  • Dendropsophus shiwiarum (Ortega-Andrade and Ron, 2013)

The Dendropsophus shiwiarum is a frog that lives in Ecuador and Colombia. Scientists think it could also live in Peru.

The adult male frog is 1.61 1.0 cm long and the adult female frog is 1.8 to 1.9 cm long. On the back, its skin is light brown or yellow with tiny red spots. The skin on the belly is white.

This frog lays eggs whenever the weather is wet enough, in temporary bodies of water. The males sing for females in small groups.

The name "shiwarum" comes from the Shiwiar people who live in some of the same places as the frog in the Amazon Basin. They helped scientists find it so they could write science papers about it.

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