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Deuterium–tritium fusion facts for kids

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Deuterium-tritium fusion
Diagram of deuterium–tritium fusion

Deuterium–tritium fusion is a type of nuclear fusion. In deuterium–tritium fusion, one deuterium nucleus, or the center of a deuterium atom, fuses with one tritium nucleus. This makes one helium nucleus, one neutron, and 17.6 mega electronvolts of energy.

How to get deuterium and tritium

Deuterium is easy to find in seawater. 1 in 5000 hydrogen atoms are deuterium. However, tritium is a radioactive isotope. If lithium is exposed to neutrons with much energy, tritium is produced. The deuterium–tritium reaction also produces one neutron. In fusion reactors, a 'breeding blanket' is used where the walls of the fusion reactor have lithium on them. This way, the neutrons produced from fusion will hit the lithium and produce more tritium.

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