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José Lopez may refer to:



  • José López (footballer, born 1914), Spanish footballer
  • Juan José López (born 1950), Argentine football manager and former player
  • José López Ramírez (born 1975), Spanish 5-a-side football player
  • José Luis López (Mexican footballer) (born 1979), Mexican footballer
  • José Gilberto López (born 1994), Mexican footballer
  • José Manuel López (footballer) (born 2000), Argentine footballer
  • José Alfredo López, Argentine footballer
  • José López (Chilean footballer)


  • José López (cyclist) (born 1910), Argentine cyclist
  • José Manuel López Rodríguez (born 1940), Spanish cyclist
  • José Antonio López (born 1976), Spanish cyclist


  • José Toluco López (1932–1972), Mexican lightweight boxer
  • José López (boxer) (born 1972), Puerto Rican boxer
  • José Luis López (boxer) (born 1973), Mexican welterweight boxer
  • José Eduardo López (born 1990), Mexican light welterweight boxer

Other sports

  • José López (Negro leagues) (1901–?), Cuban baseball player
  • José López (wrestler) (born 1930), Cuban Olympic wrestler
  • José Perurena López (born 1945), Spanish sprint canoer
  • José Ramón López (born 1950), Spanish sprint canoer
  • Juan Manuel López Iturriaga (born 1959), Spanish basketball player
  • José María López (born 1983), Argentine race-car driver
  • José López (baseball) (born 1983), Venezuelan baseball player
  • José Luis López (handballer) (born 1998), Chilean handball player


  • José Hilario López (1798–1869), Colombian president and military officer
  • José López Portillo y Rojas (1850–1923), Mexican writer and politician
  • José López Rega (1916–1989), Argentine politician
  • José López Portillo y Pacheco (1920–2004), Mexican president
  • José Francisco López, Argentine politician detained pending trial

Arts and entertainment

  • José López Rubio (1903–1996), Spanish writer and director
  • José Luis López Vázquez (1922–2009), Spanish actor
  • José Serafín López (died 1935), Chilean politician
  • José "Nuno" López (born 1951), Puerto Rican politician


  • José Antonio López (1781–1841), Spanish Mexican Jesuit
  • José M. López (1910–2005), American soldier
  • José Salazar López (1910–1991), Mexican cardinal
  • José Venancio López (1791–1863), Guatemalan jurist and politician
  • José M. López (judge), District of Columbia judge
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