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Flower picking ritual
Kalash festival
Kalash people

The total population of Kalash religious people ranges from 40,000 to 50,000. They have their own way of life and their own way of life. Kalash people are very keen on music. Tools that are commonly used. Among them are the flute and the flute. And they love to dance. Because it is considered a symbol of friendship. The religious festivals of the Kalash people are Chilmajast, Atchal, Fool and Chuvas.

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Kalashi Chilamjast festival
  • Chilmajast is held in Bihar on May 7 and 16. While the girls break the first flowers of Mand. These days are celebrated through dancing. People meet each other and exchange things made of milk and flowers.
  • Atcheon:
  • A two-day celebration to mark the harvest of Atchal wheat and June. These days they are busy eating, dancing and giving feasts. Atchal falls in mid-July.
  • Fool:
  • Flower festival is celebrated on grape harvesting and walnut harvesting.
  • Chows:
  • Chuwas is a winter festival. He is celebrated for welcoming 9 years.

We are fortunate to have such a paradise in Pakistan.

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