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"Konthoujam Tampha Lairembi" (Meitei: ꯀꯣꯟꯊꯧꯖꯝ ꯇꯝꯐꯥ ꯂꯥꯢꯔꯦꯝꯕꯤ ), originally known as "Chingphulon Konthousu" (Meitei: ꯆꯤꯡꯐꯨꯂꯣꯟ ꯀꯣꯟꯊꯧꯁꯨ ), is one of the primordial deities in Meitei religion (Sanamahism). She was formerly a mortal being belonging to the Haorok Konthou clan (Konthoujam clan). She is the consort of the sky god Soraren (Salailen), and the mother of Khoriphaba.

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Konthoujam Tampha Lairembi
Queen of the Heaven
Member of Sylvan deities
Other names Chingphulon Konthousu,
Haorok Konthou Lairembi,
Chingphuron Konthousu,
Meitei ꯀꯣꯟꯊꯧꯖꯝ ꯇꯝꯐꯥ ꯂꯥꯢꯔꯦꯝꯕꯤ
Venerated in Sacred grove
Affiliation Meitei religion (Sanamahism)
Abode Forests
Animals Nightingale
Tree Banyan
Complexion Fair
Texts Konthoujam Nongarol
Gender Female
Ethnic group Meitei ethnicity
Temple Konthoujam Tampha Lairembi Temple
Festivals Lai Haraoba
Personal information
Born Chingphulon Konthousu
Konthoujam kingdom
Consort Soraren (Salailen or Ragawang)
Children Khoriphaba
  • Konthoujamba (father)
  • Konthoujambi (Huimu Leima) (mother)
Greek equivalent Hera
Hinduism equivalent Indrani

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