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A kugelblitz is a theoretical black hole created by enough light that space-time itself warps into a black hole. The famous equation, E=mc2 proves that energy can bend space-time, like matter. There would be no difference from an ordinary black hole.

Kugelblitz drives have been considered as possible future black hole starship engines.

A man-made kugelblitz would be made with a gamma-ray laser 1 billion times stronger than the current hypothesized ones. Also, it would have to produce a pulse that was 100 billionth of the current duration of a modern laser's pulse. A single pulse would equate to the energy produced by the sun in 1/10 of a second.

A kugelblitz of this size would last five years, and a device similar to a Dyson sphere could be constructed around it to use the energy produced by the Hawking radiation.

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