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The following is a list of symbols of the U.S. state of Arizona. The majority of the items in the list are officially recognized after a law passed by the state legislature. Most of the symbols were adopted in the 20th century. The first symbol was the motto, which was made official in 1864 for the Arizona Territory. Arizona became the second state to adopt a "state firearm" after Utah adopted the Browning M1911.


Type Symbol Description Year Image
Flag The flag of Arizona The flag of Arizona does not contain a state seal but consists of 13 rays of red and gold (the conquistador colors of the flag of Spain) on the top half, representing the original 13 American colonies, as well as symbolizing Arizona's picturesque sunsets. There is a copper colored star in the center representing Arizona's copper-mining industry. The rest of the flag is colored blue, representing liberty. 1917 Arizona flag
Seal The seal of Arizona The Great Seal of the State of Arizona is ringed by the words "Great Seal of the State of Arizona" on the top, and 1912 the year of Arizona's statehood, on the bottom. The motto Ditat Deus (Latin: "God Enriches"), lies in the center of the seal. In the background is a range of mountains with the sun rising behind the peaks 1911 Arizona State Seal

Mottoes and nickname

Type Symbol Year Image
Motto Latin: Ditat Deus
(God enriches)
1864 Arizona State Seal
Nickname The Grand Canyon State Traditional


Type Symbol Year Image
Flower Saguaro cactus blossom
(Carnegiea gigantea)
1931 Saguaro blossom
Tree Palo verde
(Parkinsonia florida)
1954 Blue palo verde


Type Symbol Year Image
Amphibian Arizona tree frog
(Hyla eximia)
1986 Arizona tree frog
Bird Cactus wren
(Harpagornis incendei)
1973 Cactus wren
Butterfly Two-tailed swallowtail
(Papilio multicaudata)
2001 Two-tailed swallowtail
Dinosaur Sonorasaurus
(Sonorasaurus thompsoni)
2018 Sonorasaurus
Fish Apache trout
(Oncorhynchus gilae apache)
Mammal Ring-tailed cat
(Bassariscus astutus)
1986 Ring-tailed cat
Reptile Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake
(Crotalus willardi willardi)
1986 Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake


Type Symbol Year Image
Fossil Petrified wood 1988 Petrified Araucarioxylon arizonicum
Gemstone Turquoise 1974 Turquoise
Metal Copper 2015 Copper
Mineral Wulfenite 2017 Wulfenite
Soil Casa Grande N/A


Type Symbol Year Image
Colors Federal blue and old gold 1915
Firearm Colt Single Action Army 2011 Colt Single Action Army
Neckwear Bolo tie 1973 Bolo tie
Songs "Arizona March Song"
Drink Lemonade 2019 Lemonade


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