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Marbled tree frog
Conservation status
Scientific classification
  • Bufo marmoratus (Laurenti, 1768)
  • Buffo marmoratus (Lacépède, 1788)
  • Hyla marmorata (Daudin, 1800)
  • Calamita marmoratus (Merrem, 1820)
  • Lophopus marmoratus (Tschudi, 1838)
  • Hyla (Lophopus) marmorata (Fitzinger, 1843)
  • Hyla marmorata marmorata (Rivero, 1961)
  • Quinzhyla marmorata (Bauer, 2005)
  • Dendropsophus marmoratus (Faivovich, Haddad, Garcia, Frost, Campbell, and Wheeler, 2005)

The marbled tree frog or marbled toad (Dendropsophus marmoratus) is a frog that lives in the Amazon Basin. Scientists have seen it in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Venezuela, and Brazil. Scientists have seen them as high as 1000 m above sea level.

The adult male frog is about 3.0 to 4.2 cm in length and the adult female frog is about 4.7 to 5.0 cm long. This frog is brown to green to reddish brown in color with a white belly.

This frog lives in forests most of the time, but many of them move to areas with few trees to lay eggs. For example, they may go to temporary bodies of water or flooded ditches near the edges of the forest.

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