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Monika Herceg recieving 'Fierce Women' award in 2021.

Monika Herceg (1990) is a poet, playwright, editor, feminist and activist from Sisak, Croatia. She was awarded multiple literature prizes. She is known for being a prominent young poet of the new generation in her country and for being the most awarded young author in the recent Croatian history. She is sometimed called a "literary sensation".


She grew up near Petrinja, where she studied Physics at the University of Rijeka. She worked and raised two kids in Zagreb.

In 2017, she won Goran for her book Početne koordinate', the most important award for young authors in Croatia. As a result, the book was published in 2018 and, after that, she won the Kvirin Award, Fran Galović Slavić award and the international award Mostovi Struge. Her second book, Lovostaj (The Closure), was also a sucess: the manuscript won the Na vrh jezika award for the best unpublished poetry volume in 2018 and was published in 2019. Her third book, The Time Before the Tongue (Fraktura, 2020 ) won the Zvonko Milković award.

At the international level, she won the second prize of the International Poetry Competition Castello di Duino that took place in Italy in 2016 and in 2018, she was granted the Bridges of Struga award during the Mostovi Struge festival in Macedonia for being a young author. In 2021 she won the Fierce Women award for her activism.

Her works have been translated in more than ten languages and they were published by some well-known magazines. Nowadays, she is part of Versopolis, an online platform dedicated to the promotion of young European authors. Her trilingual poetry books have been published in Lithuania and Austria. Another selection of her works have been published in French as Ciel sous tension, L’Ollave, 2019.

Her stories were also awarded with several regional and national awards, such as the Biber award and the Lapis Histriae award.

Her drama script Gdje se kupuju nježnosti (or Where to Buy Tenderness) was awarded by the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Her play took off in 2021 and was a success. She was awarded for other drama scripts and was granted the Marin Držić award, the most important drama script award in Croatia.

She is a member of the Croatia Writers Society and of the editorial board of their magazine.


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