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Monarchy 662 AD-762 AD (2060 MF-2160 MF)
Coronation 662 AD (2060 MF)
Predecessor Ura Konthouba
Successor Khongtekcha
Born Hongnemyoi Khunjao
Spouse Pitang-nga, Ewanglon Namun Chaobee
Full name
Meitingu Naothingkhong
Era name and dates
Ancient Manipur: 662 AD-762 AD (2060 MF-2160 MF)
Royalty Ningthouja dynasty
Father Ura Konthouba
Mother Leima Nungjengshu
Religion Meiteism of Sanamahism
Occupation Ruler of Ancient Manipur (Antique Kangleipak)

Meidingu Hongnemyoi Khunjao Naothingkhong (Old Manipuri: Meitingu Hongnemyoi Khunchao Naothingkhong ) was a Meetei ruler of Ningthouja dynasty of Ancient Manipur (Antique Kangleipak). He is the successor of Ura Konthouba and the predecessor of Khongtekcha. He ran away from the Kangla at the age of about 10 or 12 years and went to live along the Shelloi Langmais in the Nongmaiching Hill in the eastern Manipur. He was mad in love with Pitang-nga, a Langmai girl and married her. They lived in her parents' house. This is the first reference to the matrilocal residence in the history of Manipuri ethnicity. According to ancient sources, he has six wives from different clan principalities of Ancient Manipur (Antique Kangleipak). In fact, he has nine total wives, out of which three are childless. So, in general cases, it is regarded as he has six wives. He married Princess Ewanglon Namun Chaobee after engagement. Luwang Ningthou Punshiba of Luwang dynasty gave training of state craft and the art of governance to Naothingkhong when he was a prince. Besides, the great grandson of Luwang Ningthou Punshiba (from his first wife) got married to Naothingkhong's daughter.

The Naothingkhong Phambal Kaba (English: Naothingkhong's accession to the throne), a literary work, narrates his life story of how he ascended the throne. He defeated Mangang Konkhuchaa Atengba, the chief of Mangang tribe, after which the Mangangs merged into the Ningthoujas. He is one of the nine kings associated with the design of a historic flag. The Meitei family Lourembam of the Ningthouja dynasty branch appeared during the reign of Naothingkhong.

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