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Pucca ( Korean: 뿌까) is a media franchise from the South Korean company VOOZ Character System. The main and title character, Pucca, is the niece of three Korean men who run a Chinese-style restaurant. The restaurant, known as the "Goh-Rong", is located in Sooga Village, a small village in the mountains. Pucca is also in love with the ninja Garu (가루), and Pucca always seems to beat him in combat and unintentional competition simply by sheer will.



Flash animation

In the initial period, Pucca was an online animated series made with Macromedia Flash by original company VOOZ Co., Ltd.. Many of its greeting cards and Flash episodes center around Pucca's comical attempts to steal a kiss from Garu and the competition at times between the two characters. There is little to no dialogue in these Flash cartoons so that fans all over the world can enjoy them. In March 2004, Jetix Europe acquired the series' television and home video rights for Europe and the Middle East.

No. Title Short summary
1 "Present" What Pucca wants for Christmas? When Santa finds out, he has a mission to kidnap Garu.
2 "Fight on the Boat" A group of ninjas try to sneak up on Garu's boat, but he was prepared for that... but was he prepared for the mysterious ninja that wants to kiss him?
3 "Contact" A retelling of Pucca and Garu's first meeting. After failing to kiss him using ice cream, Pucca uses an arrow that belongs to Cupid in order to steal the ninja's heart. Unfortunatelly, it ends up hitting Garu's pet cat, Mio, instead.
4 "Wanted" / "Defence" Wanted: Pucca makes multiple Wanted posters with Garu on it, much to his dismay; Defense: Pucca struggles in her snack with a meddling fly and a hungry Garu.
5 "Mission" Pucca tasks Mio to deliver a bon-bon to Garu, but the cat finds himself stalked by the trio of feline thieves!
6 "Papero-Day" / "Take My Heart" Papero-Day: Pucca uses paperos to shoot an apple in Garu's head a-la William Tell; Take My Heart: Pucca gives Valentine's Day candy to Garu, but is tricked when she tries to get a kiss out of him as well.
7 "Dream" / "Harvest" Dream: Has Garu finally fell in love with Pucca? Or is there something fishy with reality?; Harvest: Garu is collecting fruits from the trees, but is surprised when he finds out that he's not alone.
8 "In the Bamboo Fields" / "Mistake" In the Bamboo Fields: In the middle of a fog forest, Garu comes across a very dangerous sight: a bathing Pucca; Mistake Garu's ninja slicing skills prove to be too effective when Pucca decides to help.
9 "Garu's Other" / "Contact #2" Garu's Other: Garu tries to use Shadow Clones in order to fool Pucca; Contact #2: Unable to keep up with Garu's speed, Pucca has a plan to catch him off guard.
10 "Mission #2" Garu needs to deliver a scroll, but between being attacked by ninjas and chased by Pucca, he finds his mission harder than he had anticipated.
11 "White Day" / "Swing" White Day: Pucca asks for a White Day gift from Garu, but will it be what she expects?; Swing: Pucca tries to kiss Garu and play on a swingset at the same time.
12 "Summer Story" In a summer afternoon, Garu finds himself captured by a mermaid Pucca.
13 "The Rival" Pucca gets in the middle of a fight between Garu and his longtime rival, Tobe.
14 "Caughting in the Rain" Garu enters a haunted house in order to escape the rain, but finds something (or someone) that's much scarier than Pucca inside.
15 "Hottest Fighter ABYO" Abyo is a young kung-fu master whose behaviour parodies action movie stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Are his skills good enough to break up Pucca and Garu?
16 "The Ring" / "Look at Me" The Ring: Garu makes a ring for Pucca out of his own sword, but is surprised when she doesn't take good care of it; Look at Me: Pucca tries to get Garu's attention by dressing up as multiple pop culture characters at once.
17 "The Frog Prince" / "I Will Protect" The Frog Prince: Pucca becomes enchanted with The Frog Prince story, so she sets out to find a frog to kiss and reveal her beloved one; I Will Protect: Garu finds himself at mercy of both Pucca and a mosquito.
18 "The Constellation of Love" / "Angel PUCCA" The Constellation of Love: Do you know how constellations are made? Pucca and Garu will show how!; Angel PUCCA: Pucca takes the form of a cupid and tries to shoot an arrow on Garu, but it backfires quickly.
19 "X-mas (1&2)" In two different Christmas stories, Pucca wants to decorate a tree and sell candles for Santa.
20 "2004 Blackday" / "Pu Kong" 2004 Blackday: Not even in a Black Day play Garu can take a break from Pucca's kisses; Pu Kong: Garu the tiger thinks that he's invincible, but that's because he never met Pucca the monkey!
21 "Bungee Jump" Garu is experiencing a Bungee jumping practice, but Pucca gets in the way yet again.
22 "The Opening Ceremony" Flashback of when Pucca and her uncles first moved to Sooga Village and opened their restaurant, Goh-Rong.
23 "Photo Day" / "Don't Look Back" Photo Day: Pucca wants a romantic photo with Garu, but all of their friends get in her way!; Don't Look Back : Garu feels like he's being stalked in the middle of the night, but by whom?
24 "Flower Delivery" / "Music Box" Flower Delivery: Garu tries to deliver a flower to Pucca, but things don't go as planned; Music Box: Garu receives a strange gift: A music box with him and Pucca kissing?

TV animation

DVD releases

Title Label Release Date
Pucca: Funny Love Pinnacle Vision 2 July 2007


Title Publisher First Released
Pucca's Most Wanted Vooz 18 November 2004
Pucca and Garu: First Meeting Vooz 18 November 2004
Pucca: Hands Off My Dumplings! Vooz 19 May 2005
Pucca's Fishy Tail Vooz 19 May 2005

Photo Frame books

Title Publisher First Released
Pucca Photo Frame Book 1: Various Kissin Ways Vooz 13 January 2005
Pucca Photo Frame Book 2: Making Sweet Music Vooz 13 January 2005

Key Chain books

Title Publisher First Released
Chopstick Dance with Pucca Vooz 17 March 2005
Ninja Training with Garu Vooz 17 March 2005

German translations

Title Written By First Released Translation
Pucca und Garu: Wir gehören zusammen Martin Stabno 31 October 2005 Pucca and Garu: We belong together
Pucca: Das bin ich Martin Stabno 31 October 2005 Pucca: This is me

There is also an ongoing manhwa series in Korea of Pucca and Garu traveling around the world through an enchanted board game. Their fellow travelers include friends Abyo, Ching, Ssoso, and villains Tobe and the Vagabond Ninja Clan. It has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, and German.

Video games

There is a WiiWare game called Pucca's Kisses Game, which is an action-platformer about Pucca trying to chase Garu around perilous levels and obstacles just to catch Garu and kiss him. This game was developed by Otaboo, and was published by BigBen Interactive. Pucca's Kisses Game was released in Europe and Australia on February 4, 2011, and in North America on February 14, 2011 for 800 Wii Points. On February 14, 2011, the game was re-released in Europe as a retail disc entitled Pucca's Race for Kisses for the Wii console.

Another game, developed for iOS, called Pucca n' Friends, was developed by Mob Crete. The game lets players play as Pucca as she prepares food and serves it to her customers, growing her restaurant as the game continues.

The game title, "Pucca Power Up", was announced by Rising Star Games was released on May 13, 2011 for the Nintendo DS. The game is being made with a partnership between the pre-mentioned game company and the franchise's creator, Vooz. It is set for a release in the UK and, likely, in Australia, but no general European release was initially announced. Later, Rising Star Games announced that the release would be for the entire PAL region, with the game arriving in the UK first. The game was released in Europe on May 13, 2011 and in North America on September 13, 2011.

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