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The roads in Louisville, Kentucky include Interstates 64, 65 and 71, with an interchange in the city center. There are six U.S. highways serving the city. Two beltways surround Louisville.

Renamed streets

Current Street Name Former Street Name(s)
3rd Street Central Plank Road
5th Street Pope Street
13th Street Columbia Street
14th Street Boone Street
15th Street Clark Street
16th Street Elizabeth Street, Mulberry Street
17th Street Maria Street, Sycamore Street
18th Street Bridge Street, DeWolfe Street
19th Street Clinton Street
20th Street Cromie Street, Montgomery Street, Orleans Street
21st Street Eleventh Cross Street
22nd Street Tenth Cross Street
23rd Street Ninth Cross Street, Sayre Street
24th Street Eighth Cross Street, Mercer Street
25th Street Seventh Cross Street
26th Street Sixth Cross Street, Lock Street, Salt River Road, Shippingport Road
27th Street Fifth Cross Street, Union Street
28th Street Fourth Cross Street
29th Street Third Cross Street, Cherry Street
30th Street Second Cross Street, Plum Street
31st Street Columbia Street, Thompson's Lane
32nd Street Sycamore Street
33rd Street Fulton Avenue
34th Street First Cross Street, Commercial Street
35th Street Grove Street
36th Street Ferry Street
37th Street Gravier Street
39th Street Kennedy Street
43rd Street Falls City Avenue
Arlington Avenue Prospect Avenue
Armory Place Center Street
Atwood Avenue 'F' Street
Barbee Avenue 'E' Street
Barret Avenue Underhill Street
Baxter Avenue Von Borries Ave
Beech Street Rosenberg Lane
Bloom Avenue 'B' Street
Bradley Avenue Flat Lick Road
Brandeis Avenue 'D' Street
Breckinridge Street Howard Street
Broadway Dunkirk Road, Prather Street
Brook Street East Street
Burnett Avenue Stonewall Street
Calhoun Avenue 'T' Street, Kenton Street
Cannons Lane Beauchamp Road
Cardinal Boulevard 'C' Street, Avery Avenue
Cherokee Parkway Finzer Parkway, East Broadway, New Broadway
Central Avenue 'P' Street
Chestnut Street South Street
Colorado Avenue 'H' Street
Creel Avenue 'J' Street
Crittenden Drive Ashbottom Road
Dixe Highway 18th Street Road
Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Place Federal Place
Doctor W. J. Hodge Street 21st Street
Dundee Road Zimlich Avenue
Fairmount Avenue 'V' Street
Gaulbert Avenue 'A' Street
Gray Street Kellar Street
Griffiths Avenue Harney Street
Grinstead Drive Daisy Lane, Transit Avenue
Heywood Avenue 'O' Street
Hoertz Avenue Merry Street
Iowa Avenue 'N' Street
Lexington Road Workhouse Road
Liberty Street Green Street
Longview Avenue Jessie Avenue
Lytle Street Todd Street
Magnolia Avenue Victoria Place
Mellwood Avenue Reservoir Avenue
Missouri Avenue Front Street
Montana Avenue 'K' Street
Montgomery Street Midway Avenue
Morton Avenue Caroline Street
Muhammad Ali Boulevard Walnut Street
Myrtle Street Mott Street
Oak Street Milk Street
Overlook Terrace Vassar Drive
Park Avenue Weissinger Street
Patterson Avenue Slaughter Avenue
Racine Avenue 'Q' Street
Reservoir Avenue Southall Street
Rogers Street Ward Street
Roy Wilkins Avenue (Co-signed with 9th Street)
Rubel Avenue Overhill Street
Rufer Avenue Krupps Lane
St. Catherine Court Mechanic Street
Seneca Avenue Cherokee Avenue
Shelby Parkway Rupp Street
Southern Parkway Grand Boulevard
Stoecker Avenue Lost Alley
Stoll Avenue Asylum Avenue
Story Avenue Beargrass Street
Thornberry Avenue 'R' Street, 'S' Street
Upland Road Selby Road
Unity Place Confederate Place
Warnock Avenue 'G' Street
Wenzel Street Braddock Street
Winkler Avenue 'L' Street
Zorn Avenue Pipe Line Lane

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