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2019–20 UEFA Europa League
PGE Arena outside.jpg
The Stadion Energa Gdańsk in Gdańsk will host the final
Tournament details
Dates Qualifying:
June – August 2019
Competition proper:
September 2019 – 27 May 2020
Teams Competition proper: 48+8
Total (expected): 158+57 (from 55 associations)

The 2019–20 UEFA Europa League will be the 49th season of Europe's secondary club football tournament organised by UEFA, and the 11th season since it was renamed from the UEFA Cup to the UEFA Europa League. The last match will be played at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk in Gdańsk, Poland. The winners of the 2019–20 UEFA Europa League will play against the winners of the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League in the 2020 UEFA Super Cup and will also automatically qualify for the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League group stage, and if they have already qualified through their league performance, the reserved place will be given to the third-placed team of the 5th-ranked association according to next season's access list.


The labels in the parentheses show how each team qualified for the place of its starting round:

  • CW: Cup winners
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc.: League position
  • LC: League Cup winners
  • RW: Regular season winners
  • PW: End-of-season Europa League play-offs winners
  • UCL: Transferred from the Champions League
    • GS: Third-placed teams from the group stage
    • PO: Losers from the play-off round
    • Q3: Losers from the third qualifying round
    • Q2: Losers from the second qualifying round
    • Q1: Losers from the first qualifying round
    • PR: Losers from the preliminary round

Note: Teams in italics may still qualify for the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League, either through domestic performance, or by winning the 2018–19 UEFA Champions League or the 2018–19 UEFA Europa League.

Round of 32
Group stage
Spain (CW) Germany (5th) Turkey (CW) (UCL PO)
Spain (5th) France (CW) Austria (CW) (UCL PO)
England (CW) France (4th) Switzerland (CW) (UCL Q3)
England (5th) Russia (CW) (UCL PO) (UCL Q3)
Italy (CW) Portugal (CW) (UCL PO) (UCL Q3)
Italy (5th) Ukraine (CW) (UCL PO) (UCL Q3)
Germany (CW) Belgium (CW) (UCL PO)
Play-off round
Champions Path Main Path
(UCL Q3) (UCL Q3)
(UCL Q3) (UCL Q3)
(UCL Q3) (UCL Q3)
Third qualifying round
Champions Path Main Path
(UCL Q2) (UCL Q2) Russia (4th) Netherlands (CW)
(UCL Q2) (UCL Q2) Portugal (3rd) Greece (CW)
(UCL Q2) (UCL Q2) Ukraine (3rd) Croatia (CW)
(UCL Q2) (UCL Q2) Belgium (3rd) Denmark (CW)
(UCL Q2) (UCL Q2) Turkey (3rd) (UCL Q2)
Austria (3rd) (UCL Q2)
Switzerland (3rd) (UCL Q2)
Czech Republic (CW)
Second qualifying round
Champions Path Main Path
(UCL Q1) (UCL Q1) Spain (6th) Netherlands (3rd)
(UCL Q1) (UCL Q1) England (LC) Netherlands (4th)
(UCL Q1) (UCL Q1) Italy (6th) Greece (3rd)
(UCL Q1) (UCL Q1) Germany (6th) Greece (4th)
(UCL Q1) (UCL Q1) France (LC) Croatia (2nd)
(UCL Q1) (UCL Q1) Russia (5th) Denmark (2nd)
(UCL Q1) (UCL Q1) Portugal (4th) Israel (CW)
(UCL Q1) (UCL PR) Ukraine (4th) Cyprus (CW)
(UCL Q1) (UCL PR) Belgium (4th) Romania (CW)
(UCL Q1) (UCL PR) Turkey (4th) Poland (CW)
Austria (4th) Sweden (CW)
Switzerland (4th) Azerbaijan (CW)
Czech Republic (3rd) Bulgaria (CW)
Czech Republic (4th)
First qualifying round
Croatia (3rd) Belarus (CW) Iceland (CW) Estonia (2nd)
Denmark (3rd) Belarus (2nd) Iceland (2nd) Estonia (3rd)
Israel (2nd) Belarus (3rd) Iceland (3rd) Lithuania (CW)
Israel (3rd) Kazakhstan (CW) Hungary (CW) Lithuania (2nd)
Cyprus (2nd) Kazakhstan (2nd) Hungary (2nd) Lithuania (3rd)
Cyprus (3rd) Kazakhstan (3rd) Hungary (3rd) Montenegro (CW)
Romania (2nd) Norway (CW) North Macedonia (CW) Montenegro (2nd)
Romania (3rd) Norway (2nd) North Macedonia (2nd) Montenegro (3rd)
Poland (2nd) Norway (3rd) North Macedonia (3rd) Georgia (country) (CW)
Poland (3rd) Slovenia (CW) Finland Inter Turku (CW)[Note FIN] Georgia (country) (2nd)
Sweden (2nd) Slovenia (2nd) Finland (2nd) Georgia (country) (3rd)
Sweden (3rd) Slovenia (3rd) Finland (3rd) Armenia (CW)
Azerbaijan (2nd) Liechtenstein (CW) Republic of Ireland (CW) Armenia (2nd)
Azerbaijan (3rd) Slovakia (CW) Republic of Ireland (2nd) Armenia (3rd)
Bulgaria (2nd) Slovakia (2nd) Republic of Ireland (3rd) Malta (CW)
Bulgaria (3rd) Slovakia (3rd) Bosnia and Herzegovina (CW) Malta (2nd)
Serbia (CW) Moldova (CW) Bosnia and Herzegovina (2nd) Malta (3rd)
Serbia (2nd) Moldova (2nd) Bosnia and Herzegovina (3rd) Luxembourg (CW)
Serbia (3rd) Moldova (3rd) Latvia (CW) Luxembourg (2nd)
Scotland (CW) Albania (CW) Latvia (2nd) Northern Ireland (CW)
Scotland (2nd) Albania (2nd) Latvia (3rd)
Scotland (3rd) Albania (3rd) Estonia (CW)
Preliminary round
Luxembourg (3rd) Wales (2nd) Faroe Islands (3rd) Andorra (2nd)
Northern Ireland (2nd) Wales (3rd) Gibraltar (CW) San Marino (CW)
Northern Ireland (3rd) Faroe Islands (CW) Gibraltar (2nd) San Marino (2nd)
Wales (CW) Faroe Islands (2nd) Andorra (CW) Kosovo (CW)

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