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Broadbent's are makers of award-winning country ham, bacon and sausage from Kentucky, United States. In 2009 the firm celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Broadbent hams can be found nationwide at a wide variety of area gourmet food stores.


Broadbent's claim "the most awarded country hams in the state of Kentucky," including Grand Champion. As of 2006, the company held a record for 12 Grand Champion Hams.

Drennan ownership

After having prepared country hams for more than 80 years, and selling them retail since the 1960s the Broadbents sold the business to the more recent owners, Ronny & Beth Drennan, in 1999.

According to Ronny, the business has quadrupled in the last five years, and Internet sales are up 20 percent. "Kentucky is well known for its good food products," Drennan said. "I'm happy to be part of that tradition."

By the end of 2002, the company was selling 6000 hams a year.

City hams

Broadbent also sells city hams "for those who want them" says Mrs. Drennan who in 2002 warned that "City hams have to be refrigerated from the beginning or they'll ruin on you." Margaret Davis, the secretary-treasurer of Finchville Farms in Kentucky, agreed saying "When we cure a ham, we mix salt, red and black pepper and brown sugar, rub it on the hams and hang them up to let them age for a year. That process of curing would be where you get different flavors."

Broadbent's Ham at Kentucky State Fair

For a number of years, Broadbent hams have been auctioned off for charity at the Kentucky State Fair. The record thus far was set in 2004, when a Broadbent B&B ham sold for $500,000; in 2008, a ham netted $200,000.

In 1967, Broadbent's B&B Foods won its first Kentucky State Fair Grand Champion Ham, which was sold at a charity auction for $825. Broadbent is the most decorated company in the history of the show, and as of 2001, the only company to win Grand Champion two years in a row.

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