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Compression could mean:

  • Gas compression, raising the pressure and reducing the volume of gases
  • Physical compression, the result of the subjection of a material to compressive stress
    • Compression arch suspended-deck bridge, a compression arch rises above the deck
  • Compression, the part of a longitudinal wave where particles are the closest together
  • Compressibility, a measure of volume change resulting from pressure
  • Compression (geology), a system of forces that tend to decrease the volume of or shorten rocks.
  • Compression ratio, a number that predicts the performance of any internal-combustion engine
  • Data compression, encoding information using fewer bits
    • Image compression
    • Audio data compression
    • Video compression
      • Compression artifact, noticeable defects in audio or video that has been compressed
    • Bandwidth compression, in telecommunications
  • Gain compression in electronic amplifiers, which is a result of device non-linearity
  • Audio level compression, usually artificially introduced Gain compression to improve the perceived quality of audio
  • Compression (functional analysis), in mathematics

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