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Wide-faced darner
Dendroaeschna conspersa1.jpg
Female Dendroaeschna conspersa Canberra Australia
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Dendroaeschna conspersa distribution map.svg

Dendroaeschna is a monotypic genus of Australian dragonflies in the family Brachytronidae. The only known species of this genus is Dendroaeschna conspersa, commonly known as a wide-faced darner.

Dendroaeschna conspersa is a medium-sized, brown to black dragonfly with pale markings. It is endemic to eastern Australia, where it inhabits lowland streams.


Note about family

There are differing views as to the family that Dendroaeschna best belongs to:

  • It is considered to be part of the Brachytronidae family at the Australian Faunal Directory
  • It is considered to be part of the Aeshnidae family in the World Odonata List at the Slater Museum of Natural History
  • It is considered to be part of the Telephlebiidae family in The Complete Field Guide to Dragonflies of Australia
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