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Evin Salgut Şahin is a Kurdish singer and artist.

Evin Salgut Şahin was born in 1979 in the village Zengok (Yürecik) in Muş Province, Kurdish region in Turkey. She studied the primary school in her village, but the family with two children had to move to the city of Muş after that their home had been burned by the Turkish army in 1993. The life in Kurdistan region was very difficult, because of the state of emergency in 1990s and soon after the family had to move again, this time to the west coast of Turkey, in Aydin.

Evin was decided to study music; she began her Folk Music studies in the Istanbul University State Conservatory in 2002 and graduated in 2007.

The Kurdish young artist loved folk music, especially Kurdish folk music called Dengbêj (Deng=voice, Bêj= that tells). She has been involved in many different projects since 2007 until now.

Already in 2005, Evin established Ariya Rengin music group alongside with her husband Oktay Şahin. They sang Kurdish, but also Armenian and Turkish folk songs. Evin wrote her own lyrics and music.

Evin has also participated in many different TV and film projects. She played in the Kurdish film Siya Mem û Zîn (the shadow of Mem û Zin) in 2012-2013. Mem û Zîn‎ is a Kurdish classic love story written down by Kurdish writer and poet Ahmad Khani (Ehmedê Xanê, 1651-1707) and it is considered to be the epopee of Kurdish literature. Mem û Zîn is based on a true story laid down from generation to generation through oral tradition. The content is similar to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet story.

Evin participated as actress and singer in the following films and TV programs:

-Kadife Ana

-Siya Mem û Zîn




-As Dengbêj in Trt Kurdi-TV channel in 2014-2015

-ŞİRİNOK: Children program for Kurdish children in Trt Kurdi-TV channel in 2011, with her husband Oktay Şahin

-In Sounds Colours Cultures TV program in TRT Music, in cooperation with Kurdish artist Oktay Şahin

-Kurdish song-program in Trt Haber with her husband Oktay Şahin

-As presenter of Kurdish kids program Nûbihara Biçûkan in 44 series

-Spring of Dengbêjs from Mus.

-The Little Bride (Kucuk Gelin) – film.

- Evin Salgut Şahin’s latest artistic work is Sipîdar TV-program where she participates as Kurdish singer. Sipîdar will be shown in beginning of 2018.

Evin speaks her mother tongue Kurdish and Turkish.

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