Image: 1561-Akbar riding the elephant Hawa'I pursuing another elephant across a collapsing bridge of boats (left)

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Description: Left half of a double page composition (right half being IS.2:21-1896). Depicts Akbar's adventure on his elephant Hawa'i outside the fort of Agra in 1561. According to Abu'l Fazl, Hawa'i was reputed to be one of the strongest and most difficult elephants to handle, yet Akbar mounted him with ease and pitted him against an equally fierce elephant named Ran Bagha. The illustration shows Akbar, mounted on Hawa'i, pursuing the elephant Ran Bagha across a collapsing bridge of boats over the river Jamuna. The bridge is collapsing under the weight of the elephants and a number of Akbar's servants have jumped into the water to follow the chase.
Title: Akbar's Adventures with the Elephant Hawa'i in 1561
Credit: Akbarnama
Author: Unknown (production) Basawan (probably, designed by)
Usage Terms: Public domain
License: Public domain
Attribution Required?: No

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