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Description: Some images about Physics: (from top-left, clockwise) Refraction of light (which is described by w:en:Optics) A laser A hot air balloon A spintop (whose movement is described by classical mechanics) The effects of an inelastic collision Atomic orbitals of hydrogen (which are described by w:en:quantum mechanics) An atomic bomb exploding Lightning (which is an electrical phenomenon) Galaxies (photo made by the Hubble Space Telescope)
Title: CollageFisica
Credit: Collage created by uploader Fastfission, United States Department of Energy, public domain FlorianMarquardt, GFDL NASA, public domain public domain NASA, public domain Jon Sullivan (, public domain Auréola, cc-by-sa-2.0 public domain National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, public domain
Author: Daniele Pugliesi
Permission: The creation of the collage is licensed GFDL or cc-by-3.0 (you may select the license of your choice), the parts of the collage are subject to different copyrights and licenses, see the list below.
Usage Terms: Public domain
License: Public domain
Attribution Required?: No

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