Image: Enigma keylist 3 rotor

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Description: A key list for the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) w:Enigma Machines. Translation of text at top: “Secret Command Document! Every individual key setting is secret. Forbidden to bring on aircraft. Luftwaffe Machine Key No.649 Attention! Key material must not fall into enemy hands intact. In case of danger destroy throughly and early." Column contents: Day of month, Rotor order, Ring settings, Jumper plug connections (for reflector and plugboard) and Identifier groups. The presence of jumper settings for the reflector (Umkehrwalze) is an enhancement first observed by the British at the start of 1944.
Title: Enigma keylist 3 rotor
Author: German Luftwaffe during World War II
Permission: This is a 2-D copy of a work of the German Government during World War II and is exempt from copyright under 17 U.S.C. 104A(a)(2).
Usage Terms: Public domain
License: Public domain
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