Image: Proto Greek Area reconstruction

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Description: Reconstruction of the proto (primitive) Greek area in ca. 3rd millenium BC
Title: Proto Greek Area reconstruction
Credit: Georgiev V.I. "The arrival of the Greeks in Greece: the linguistic evidence." Noyes Press. pp. 243-253. British Association for Mycenaean Studies, 1974. ISBN 9780815550228. The Proto-Greek area includes the following toponyms (comprising rouphly of northern and northwestern Greece): Epeiros, Khaonia, Kammania, Arktanes, Oresteia-Orestai, Paloeis, Kokytos, Akheron, Keraunia ore, Lynkos-Lynkeai, Olympos, Pindos, Onkhesmos, Euroia, Boukhetos, Drys, Kharadra, Thessalia, Lethaios, Dolikhe
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