Image: Serven Khaalga Jurchen inscription

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Description: Inscription of Serven Khaalga (1196), Bayankhutag sum, Khentii Province, Mongolia. Bilingual inscription in Chinese characters and Jurchen script. Spaced 18m apart. Found by Kh.Perlee. Each inscription's height 3m, width 4m. Each inscription has 9 vertical lines with 11-16 characters each. Japanese scholar Kato Shimpei read the first line as "Great Golden Central State O-Giao Jeo-Shio" which he said corresponds to the Jinshi's "Wangyang Changxiang" and the Secret History of the Mongols' "Wangin Chenshiang", a high minister of the Jin Emperor. In the 8th line it says "7th year of Mingchang" which led to the conclusion that the inscription was written in 1196, just after the successful joint Jin-Mongol-Kerait campaign against the Tatars. Genghis Khan collaborated with the Jin against the Tatars and was awarded the title "caut-quri" by Wangin Chenshiang while the Kerait Khan Toghrul was awarded the title "wang khan". Genghis Khan would eventually conquer both the Keraits and the Jin Dynasty.
Title: Serven Khaalga Jurchen inscription
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Author: Yastanovog
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