Image: Simplified world mining map 2

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Description: A schematic showing the locations of certain ores deposits in the world. A specific focus has been put on metals, and construction materials. Natural resources that are used for energy (fossil oil, gas ...) can be found on another map. Although metals can still be won from regular mining, most metals, ... can now be much more economically won from landfills. This, as landfills require much less labour (less soil needs to be dug off and sieved). In addition, the use of a cradle-to-cradle material recovery can also save a lot of labour and is therefore also more economically attractive. For some materials however, regular mining will still need to continue. In this case, it is best to choose ore sites that are located in biodiversity-poor regions (e.g. mountainous regions, regions outside of the tropical-subtropical zone). As the map is simplified, we can herefore study the maps from the USGS at ; the database is also usable with Google Earth, see The map was made using data from Howstuffworks ( )
Title: Simplified world mining map 2
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Author: KVDP
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