Image: Sun in X-Ray

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Description: This image shows the Sun as viewed by the Soft X-Ray Telescope (SXT) onboard the orbiting Yohkoh satellite. The bright, loop-like structures are hot (millions of degrees) plasma confined by magnetic fields rooted in the solar interior. An image of the sun in visible light would show sunspots at the feet of many of these loops. The halo of gas extending well beyond the sun is called the corona. The darker regions at the North and South poles of the Sun are coronal holes, where the magnetic field lines are open to space and allow particles to escape.
Title: Sun in X-Ray
Credit: NASA Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres Yohkoh mission of ISAS, Japan. The Yohkoh Soft X-ray telescope was prepared by the Lockheed-Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, and the University of Tokyo with the support of NASA and ISAS.
Author: NASA Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres and Yohkoh Legacy data Archive
Permission: Data policy: and follow link to The image was apparently prepared from data from the Yohkoh mission, the image here was released by NASA. The underlying data was released into the public domain by the Yohkoh mission team. See [1].
Usage Terms: Public domain
License: Public domain
Attribution Required?: No

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