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Signal, signals or signalling may refer to:

Scientific concepts

  • Signal (electrical engineering), a varying quantity that can carry information over air or wires.
  • Signal processing, the field of techniques used to extract information from signals
  • Signal (computing), an event, message, or data structure transmitted between computational processes
  • Cell signalling (biology), the system of communication that governs basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions
  • Signal (biology), electrochemical activity in an organism


  • Signals used in various kinds of transport:
  • Signals (military), a historical name for the military communications
  • Signal corps, the branch of military which operates with command, control and communications systems
  • Signalling theory in biology, how organisms signal their state to others
  • Distress signal
  • Smoke signal (See also Category:Early telecommunications)
  • Signalling (telecommunications), a part of some communication protocols
  • Signal (recognition), a way of showing that a person recognizes something; such as the Color of the day used by police.


  • Signal band A rock band from Northwest Indiana
  • Signal (band), a Bulgarian rock band
  • Signals (album), an album by progressive rock band Rush
  • Signal (magazine)
  • Signal (toothpaste)
  • Signal 1 and Signal 2 radio stations
  • Signal (subscription service), service that provided real-time stock quotes
  • Signaal (now Thales Nederland), a Netherlands based defence company
  • Signal Systems, a company of the McLean Group of Companies


  • Any implicit, subtle, or disguised message, in situations such as:
    • Partnership card games (see signal (bridge))
    • Signaling (economics)
  • Signals and slots, a software design pattern
  • Kent (game) a card game also known as Signal or Kemp

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