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Tenchō (天長) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Kōnin and before Jōwa. This period started in January 824 and ended in January 834. The reigning emperors were Junna-tennō (淳和天皇) and Ninmyō-tennō (仁明天皇).

Events of the Tenchō era

Toji 01 JPN
In Tenchō 3, work on the pagoda at To-ji was begun
  • 824 (Tenchō 1): This summer was entirely dry; and prayers for rain were offered by the Buddhist priest Kūkai (also known as Kōbō-Daishi). Those prayers seemed to be answered when it did rain.
  • 824 (Tenchō 1, 7th month): The former-Emperor Heizei died at age 51.
  • 825 (Tenchō 2, 11th month): The former-Emperor Saga celebrated his 40th birthday.
  • 826 (Tenchō 3, 11th month): Kūkai advises the emperor to build a pagoda near To-ji in Kyoto.

This era is part of Kōnin-jōgan, which is a historical period from 810 to 877. The importance of Buddhism and the arts was notable during this time.

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