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Tunstall or Tunstal may refer to:

Place names

United Kingdom
United States


  • Arthur Tunstall (born 1922), Australian and international sport administrator
  • Cuthbert Tunstall (1474–1559), English bishop and scholar
  • Fred Tunstall (1897–1971), English footballer (Sheffield United, English national team)
  • John Tunstall (1853–1878), New Mexico (USA) rancher of Lincoln County War fame
  • KT Tunstall (Kate Victoria Tunstall, born 1975), female Scottish singer-songwriter
  • Marmaduke Tunstall (1743–1790), English ornithologist
  • Pete Tunstall (1918-2013), English pilot and famous World War II German prisoner
  • Thomas Tunstall (died 1616), English Roman Catholic priest
  • William Tunstall, footballer
  • Whitmell P. Tunstall (1810–1854), Virginia (USA) politician
  • Tunstall Quarles (1781–1856), United States lawyer and politician


  • Tunstall coding, a computer encoding method that maps variable-length sequences of input symbols to constant-length code words
  • Tunstall Priory, a priory on Tunstall island near Redbourne

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