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Akongjamba (Meitei: ꯑꯀꯣꯡꯖꯥꯝꯕ) or Akongchampa (Meitei: ꯑꯀꯣꯡꯆꯥꯝꯄ) is one of the principal characters in ancient Moirang Kangleirol legend. He is a lover of goddess Phouoibi and a mortal being belonging to the Thoidingjam. Fate doesn't permit the lovers to unite, which induces both to take rebirth for the unfulfilled love.

In popular culture

  • "Phouoibi, the rice goddess", a bailad opera, was performed by the Laihui Ensemble in 2009, based on the mythical saga of the goddess Phouoibi and Akongjamba.
  • "Phouoibi Shayon", a 2017 mythology based Manipuri language feature film was released, based on the love story of goddess Phouoibi and Akongjamba.
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