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Anthony DeStefano
Anthony DeStefano 50.jpg
Born Anthony DeStefano
September 1965
Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Author
Nationality American
Alma mater St. John's University
Period 2003-present
Genre Christian Literature

Anthony DeStefano (born 1965) is an American author of Christian books for adults and children.

DeStefano’s first book, A Travel Guide to Heaven, was published in 18 countries. His second book, Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To, was endorsed by the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

Writing in World magazine, Gene Edward Veith said: "DeStefano is a Roman Catholic…but he tries to stick to what all Christians would affirm, with nearly as many evangelical sources in his bibliography as Catholic ones." Regarding DeStefano's children's books, Maura Grunlund, writing in the Staten Island Advance, said: "Weak characters who find strength are a favorite theme of the author, who explored the concept in his first children's book, Little Star."

In 2015, DeStefano hosted a 5-part miniseries called: A Travel Guide to Heaven, based on his book of that title, on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).


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