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Arawelo or Arraweelo or Moroombe (Somali: Caraweelo) was a proto-Somali Queen in traditional folklore.


Caraweelo/Arawelo ruled most of northern an eastern north of modern day Somalia. Her capital was Buraan, Sanaag and she is buried somewhere in the outskirts of the city. Which is inhabited by the Warsangeli clan.

Semi-biographical tales which give many personal details of this queen are given. For instance, Arawelo's mother was said to have been called Haramaanyo; but no mention is made in the tales about who her father was. She was the first born of three daughters and natural heir to the dynasty. Like many female rulers, Arawelo fought for female empowerment; she believed society should be based on a matriarchy. There is no solid evidence of her existence other than testimony.


She was born in and buried in Buraan,Sanaag,Somalia. Her capital at the time.

Defying Gender Roles

She came to power around AD 15. During her reign, Arawelo's husband objected to her self-ascribed role as the breadwinner to all of society, as he thought women should be restrict themselves to merely domestic duties about the house and leave everything else to men. In response, Arawelo demanded that all women across the land abandon their womanly role in society.

Arawelo thought this role reversal was necessary since she saw women as natural peacekeepers. Growing up she believed that women were not treated well and the men were more often instigators, participants and conductors of war and politics. She not only fought for the liberation of women in feudal society but for the dominance of women as she saw them as better and more efficient leaders.

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