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Association can mean:

  • Voluntary association, a group of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to accomplish a purpose
  • 501(c) non-profit organization
  • Association (statistics), comes from two variables that are related
  • Association (psychology), something linked in memory or imagination with a thing or person
  • The Association, a pop band
  • Archaeological association, in archaeology, the relationship between objects found together
  • HMS Association, a Royal Navy ship which sank in 1707
  • Association (object-oriented programming), in object-oriented programming, a relationship between classes
  • Association (ecology), a set of organisms which appear together and cover areas in a roughly uniform way
  • Association (astronomy), combined or co-added group of astronomical exposures
  • Professional association
  • Alumni association, an association of former students of a college or university
  • An industry trade group is also known as a trade association
  • L'Association, a French comic book publisher

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