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In 2015, Islamic extremists killed four bloggers and a publisher in Bangladesh. A report by the Committee to Protect Journalists said Bangladesh was the fourth most deadly country for journalists.

In 2013, a local al-Qaeda group called Ansarullah Bengali Team had a list of 84 names of people it wanted silenced. By 2015, 8 of them were dead: Avajit Roy, Rajeeb Haider, Jafar Munshi, Mamun Hossain, Jagatjyoti Talukder, Arif Hossain Dwip, Ziauddin Zakaria Babu and Wasikur Rahman.

Jafar Munshi ( জাফর মুন্সি ) and Anjali Devi ( অঞ্জলী দেবীর ) were killed for supposed "defamation of religion", such as refusing to enforce hijab on students. Some of the people murdered were supporter of the Shahbag movement (শাহবাগ আন্দোলন ) named for the Shahbag (শাহবাগ) district: Ashraful Alam (আশরাফুল আলম ), Arif Raihan Deep (আরিফ রায়হান দীপ ), Nurul Islam Faruki (নুরুল ইসলাম ফারুকী), Jagat Jyoti Talukder (জগৎজ্যোতি তালুকদার ), and Jakaria Babu (জাকারিয়া বাবু ).

Deaths in 2016


Nazimuddin Samad, a law student, was hacked and shot to death on a busy street in Dhaka.


Xulhaz Mannan, editor Of Bangladesh’s only LGBT magazine was hacked to death.

Rezaul Karim Siddique, English professor was hacked to death in the city of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, after he organized a music school.

Deaths in 2015


Avijit Roy, a writer who started the blog Mukto-Mona, was hacked to death with machetes in Dhaka after a book fair. His wife, Rafida Bonya Ahmed, was hurt.


Washiqur Rahman Babu was killed with knives at his house in Dhaka. Police said he wrote about religion on Facebook under the name Washiqur Babu.


Ananta Bijoy Das was a blogger with Avaijit Roy's Mukto-Mona. He was hacked to death with machetes in Sylhet.


Niladri Chakrabarti wrote under the name Niloy Neel. He was killed in his apartment.


Faisal Abedin Deepan was killed in his office. He was a publisher who published Roy's books. Another publisher, Ahmed Rahim Tutal, was attacked, but he lived.

Deaths in 2013

Ahmed Rajib Haider was hacked to death near his home in Dhaka in February 2013. He wrote under the name Thaba Baba on his blog Somewhere in Blog.

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