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Balance may mean:

General terms

  • Balance in stereophonic sound
  • Balance (accounting)
  • Balance beam, gymnastics equipment
  • Balance disorder, a medical disorder
  • Balance (metaphysics), a desirable point between opposite forces
  • Balance wheel in a watch
  • Balancing or hard balancing in international relations
  • Engine balance
  • Tire balance
  • Equilibrioception, the sense of balance, or spacial equilibrium, in humans and animals
  • Homeostasis, a biological balance within a living organism
  • Media balance, media coverage of politics
  • Balance, a scale for weighing
  • Game balance, a concept in game design describing fairness or balance of power in a game

Specific terms

  • BALANCE Act {H.R. 1066}, Benefit Authors without Limiting Advancement or Net Consumer Expectations
  • Balance (animation), a 1989 Academy Award-winning short film
  • Ballance, a 2004 puzzle computer game
  • Balance (In Urdu: Mizan or ميزان) is a comprehensive treatise on Islam written by Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, a Pakistani Sunni Islamic scholar.
  • Balance Bar, a popular nutritional energy bar


  • Balance (band), a 1980s pop/rock group
  • Balance (album), an album by Van Halen
  • Balance (Kim-Lian album), an album by Kim-Lian

Similar terms

  • Balanced line (electronics)
  • Rebalancing (investment), an action to bring investments in line with target asset allocationla:Libra

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