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Barbie: Fairytopia
Directed by Walter P. Martishius
Will Lau (co-director)
Produced by Nancy Bennett
Luke Carroll
Written by Elise Allen
Diane Duane
Starring Kelly Sheridan
Music by Eric Colvin
Editing by Sylvain Blais
Julian Clarke
Studio Mainframe Entertainment
Mattel Entertainment
Distributed by Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Release date(s) March 8, 2005 (2005-03-08)
Running time 71 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Barbie: Fairytopia is a 2005 American - Canadian direct-to-video computer animated Barbie film directed by Walter P. Martishius and Will Lau. This film is the fifth in the Barbie film series of computer-animated Barbie films, and the first to have an original storyline not based on previous material. The plot centers on a wingless flower fairy named Elina who must save the land of Fairytopia from an evil fairy named Laverna. As with the previous Barbie films, a line of toys, dolls, and other products were made based on and released in conjunction with the film.

The film features the voice of Kelly Sheridan, who voices the Barbie protagonist in all the CGI Barbie films to date. This film is followed by two sequels: Barbie: Fairytopia - Mermaidia and Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow, and two spin-offs Barbie: Mariposa and Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess.


Elina is a flower fairy who lives in the realm of Fairytopia with her puffball, Bibble. Unlike all other fairies, Elina does not have wings, which she is often ridiculed for. Elina and her friend Dandelion learn that one of Fairytopia’s guardians, Topaz, has supposedly been kidnapped. Elina returns to her flower home, Peony, in disbelief.

In truth, Topaz really has been kidnapped by Laverna, evil twin sister of Fairytopia's benevolent ruler, the Enchantress. Laverna reveals that she incapacitated her sister with poison and plans to capture all seven of Fairytopia’s guardians. Meanwhile, Laverna’s minions will spread her mist-like formula all over Fairytopia, which will weaken all winged creatures. With no other options, the denizens of Fairytopia will turn to Laverna for a cure and crown her queen as a result.

In the morning, Elina and Bibble awaken to see that Peony as well as all the other fairy homes in the meadow are sick from Laverna's formula. Elina, Dandelion, and Bibble decide to seek help from closest guardian, Azura. Upon entering a forest, Dandelion breathes some of Laverna's formula and is forced to return home when she becomes unable to fly.

After being turned away when they ask to see Azura, Elina and Bibble sneak to Azura's house, where she is discovered by Azura herself. Seeing a rainbow in Elina's eye, Azura invites them inside. She explains that the rainbow in Elina's eyes means she's destined for great things, which Elina, who does not believe in herself, disagrees with. Azura tells her that all of Fairytopia is in trouble because of Laverna and in the morning she will leave to speak to a dryad named Dahlia, a former follower of Laverna; she then asks Elina to take care of her magic necklace.

In the morning, as Azura is about to leave, she is kidnapped by a Fungus, one of Laverna's henchmen. Elina wakes up and is accused of being responsible for Azura's disappearance, but is rescued by Hue, a giant butterfly. In Laverna's lair, the Fungi arrive with Azura, but Laverna is angered when she finds her necklace missing. The Fungi tell Laverna that a wingless fairy had it. Realizing a wingless fairy would be unaffected by her formula, Laverna orders the Fungi to find Elina.

Hue and Elina are pursued by Laverna's firebirds. They manage to evade them when merman Prince Nalu gives them seaweed that allows them to breathe underwater. When the group finally reach Dahlia’s home, she is reluctant to help as the other guardians were mistrustful of her but Elina convinces her to do the right thing. Dahlia tells Elina that Laverna found a way to suck the powers from the fairy guardians' necklaces and transfer them to herself, stating that the "union point" would be its weakness.

The group arrives at Laverna's lair, planning to go in and find the union point, but Elina insists on going by herself as she has Azura's necklace. While her friends cause a distraction, Elina makes it inside. Elina finds the guardians and her friends, captured by the Fungi. Laverna agrees to let them go if Elina returns Azura's necklace, which she refuses, whereupon Laverna notices the rainbow in her eye. Laverna promises that she can give Elina wings in exchange for returning Azura's necklace. Hypnotized, Elina walks toward Azura with the necklace. The union point—a crystal embedded in Laverna's throne—begins to absorb the power from the guardians' necklaces. Just as the Elina is about to return the necklace, Azura's words reach her and she snaps out of her trance. Rejecting Laverna's offer, Elina hurls the necklace at the union point, shattering it. The guardians' powers overwhelm Laverna and she vanishes.

Back in the Magic Meadow, the fairies and the flowers are cured. Elina and her friends are visited by the recovered Enchantress. She thanks Elina and her friends for saving everyone and rewards her with her own magic necklace. The necklace magically bestows Elina with her own pair of wings. Overjoyed, Elina and her friends go flying together.


  • Elina - The main protagonist. The other fairies tease her because she has no wings, but she has a rainbow in her eyes, which is a sign indicating her destiny for great things. She is voiced by Kelly Sheridan.
  • Bibble - Elina's pet puffball. He is played by Lee Tockar.
  • Dandelion - Elina's best friend. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.
  • Topaz - One of the seven guardians. She was the first to be captured. Her color is orange. Named after the mineral Topaz. She is also voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.
  • Ruby - One of the seven guardians. He was the second to be captured after Topaz. His color is red. Named after the mineral Ruby. He's voiced by Scott McNeil.
  • Azura - One of the seven guardians and the ruler of the Fairy Town region. She gives Elina her necklace before she is captured. Her color is blue. Named after the mineral Azure also known as Azurite. She is voiced by Venus Terzo.
  • Hue - A giant butterfly who helps Elina on her quest. He is voiced by Mark Oliver.
  • Laverna - The Enchantress' sister and the main antagonist. She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.
  • Prince Nalu - Merprince of Mermaidia. He is voiced by Alessandro Juliani.
  • The Enchantress - The Queen of Fairytopia. She is voiced by Nancy Sorel.
  • Dahlia - a dryad who also helps Elina on her quest. She is voiced by Chiara Zanni.

Voice cast

  • Kelly Sheridan as Elina & Mermaid #2
  • Lee Tockar as Bibble
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Dandelion, Topaz & Mermaid #1
  • Kathleen Barr as Laverna, Pixie #2 & Pixie #4
  • Venus Terzo as Azura
  • Chiara Zanni as Dahlia & Pixie #3
  • Mark Oliver as Hue
  • Alessandro Juliani as Prince Kai (Nalu)
  • Michael Dobson as Quill & Amethyst
  • Scott McNeil as Ruby
  • Brian Drummond as Larkspur
  • Britt McKillip as Pixie #1
  • Nancy Sorel as Pixie #5 & Enchantress
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