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Basic may be:

  • BASIC (programming language)
  • Basic (chemistry), the opposite to acidic, reacting with acids to form salts
  • Basic access authentication in HTTP
  • Basic (cigarette), owned by the Altria Group (Philip Morris Company)
  • Basic (dance move), the name of the basic dance step in many dances
    • Lindy Basic (dance move), in Lindy Hop
  • Basic English
  • Basic (geology), of rock: containing between 45–52% of silica
  • Basic (movie), 2003 movie starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson
  • Basic (Star Wars), the common interstellar language in the Star Wars universe
  • Basic Training or Recruit training is training received by military personnel when first entering service
  • Basic is also used as the name for whatever common tongue is usually used between species in many science fiction works
  • Basic is a name used to describe the level of certification for an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • Basic Replay, a record label
  • Basic (album), a 1984 album by Robert Quine and Fred Maher (1996 on CD)
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