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Bass or Basses may mean:

Music and other sound

  • Low frequency part of the sound spectrum (see also Low Frequency Effects, (LFE))
  • Bass (sound), describing bass in terms of tone and musicality

Musical instruments

  • Double bass, the largest and lowest pitched bowed string instrument
  • Electric upright bass, the electric version of a double bass
  • Bass guitar, generally with a solid body
  • Acoustic bass guitar, with a hollow body
  • Bass drum, a large drum
  • Tuba, often called "the bass" in the context of brass instruments
  • Bass clarinet a clarinet with a lower sound
  • Bass cornett, a low pitched wind instrument
  • Bass flute, an instrument one octave lower than a flute
  • Bass sarrusophone, a low pitched double reed instrument
  • Bass saxophone

Musical genres

  • Drum and bass, a type of electronic dance music
  • Miami bass, a type of hip hop music
  • Ghettotech, or Detroit Bass, a form of electronic dance music
  • Techno Bass, a blend of Miami bass and Detroit techno
  • Drill 'n bass, a form of electronic dance music

Other musical areas

  • Bass (vocal range), a male singer who sings in the deepest vocal range
  • Figured bass, a kind of integer musical notation
  • F clef or bass clef
  • Bass note, the lowest note in a chord
  • Bassline, an instrumental part which is in the bass range
  • "Basses", is the third movement of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells 2003 album

People with the surname Bass

  • Bass (surname)



  • Bass (fish), various freshwater and saltwater species
  • Bass (beer), a British brand of beer
  • Beneath a Steel Sky, a videogame
  • Bass diffusion model, a mathematical marketing model
  • Bass (Mega Man), a character in the video game Mega Man
  • Bass Armstrong, a character from the video game Dead or Alive
  • G. H. Bass, a shoemaker, especially of loafers
  • Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society (B.A.S.S.)

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