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Beam could mean:

  • Beam theory, a way to find the load-carrying and deflection characteristics of beams
  • Beam (nautical), the most extreme width (or breadth) of a nautical vessel, or a point alongside the ship at the midpoint of its length
  • Beam (structure), a construction element
  • A narrow stream of particles or energy:
    • Charged particle beam
    • Light or other Electromagnetic radiation
    • The output of a raygun in science fiction
    • Beam weapons from the Metroid series
    • Beaming means a way of traveling on the Star Trek television series
    • Tractor beam, a hypothetical beam that pulls or pushes
  • "On the beam", following a radio navigation beacon
  • Beam (music), a connection line in musical notation
  • Balance beam (gymnastics), a piece of gymnastics equipment
  • BEAM robotics, an automatically moving machine based on analog electronics
  • Beam Software, a computer game developer
  • BEAM.TV, a global distribution network

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