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The Beverly Gray Mystery Stories, comprising 26 novels published between 1934 and 1955, were written by Clair Blank, pen name of Clarissa Mabel Blank Moyer. The series began as a series of school stories, and followed Beverly's progress through college, her various romances, and a career as a reporter before becoming strictly a mystery series.

Beverly is portrayed as an extraordinarily determined individual, with "a driving ambition in her heart that would not let her idle her life away." Across 26 books, she leads "such a life of adventure as would tax the resources of any soap opera heroine".


# Title Copyright date
1 Beverly Gray, Freshman 1934
2 Beverly Gray, Sophomore 1934
3 Beverly Gray, Junior 1934
4 Beverly Gray, Senior 1934
5 Beverly Gray's Career 1935
Beverly Gray at the World's Fair 1935
6/7 Beverly Gray on a World Cruise 1936
7/8 Beverly Gray in the Orient 1937
8 Beverly Gray on a Treasure Hunt 1938
9 Beverly Gray's Return 1939
10 Beverly Gray, Reporter 1940
11 Beverly Gray's Romance 1941
12 Beverly Gray's Quest 1942
13 Beverly Gray's Problem 1943
14 Beverly Gray's Adventure 1944
15 Beverly Gray's Challenge 1945
16 Beverly Gray's Journey 1946
17 Beverly Gray's Assignment 1947
18 Beverly Gray's Mystery 1948
19 Beverly Gray's Vacation 1949
20 Beverly Gray's Fortune 1950
21 Beverly Gray's Secret 1951
22 Beverly Gray's Island Mystery 1952
23 Beverly Gray's Discovery 1953
24 Beverly Gray's Scoop 1954
25 Beverly Gray's Surprise 1955

*This title was dropped from the series in 1938.

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