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Big & Betsy
Genre Children's TV series
Starring Peter Thyssen
Maike Boerdam
Country of origin Belgium
Original language(s) Dutch
Producer(s) Studio 100
Running time 25 minutes

Big & Betsy is a Belgian children's television series produced by Studio 100. The show is centred on the female farmer Betsy, her talking pig Big and their friends.

In 1999, the duo Big and Betsy announced children's television shows for Kanaal 2. This proved very successful and they were given their own television series in November 2000. Approximately 75 episodes have been made. There are a number of Big and Betsy songs, including "The Big Song" which was an animated hit on the Internet.


Name Portrayed by Description
Betsy Betsy is the owner of a farm. She is a bit naughty and likes to play pranks on her friends.
Big Big is a flatulent pig (portrayed by a puppet) who is able to speak and delivers his catchphrases "Fopje flauw mopje" and "Sorry de snorry Betsy" throughout the show. He is not very polite and is prone to breaking wind several times per episode. He likes to eat, especially pie, and suffers from obesity.
Theresa Pruim Mrs. Pruim is the neighbour of Big and Betsy. She is arrogant, snobbish and overly fond of etiquette and courtesy. Big and Betsy are not exactly best friends with Mrs. Pruim, who is their favourite target for practical jokes.
Pieter-Paul Pruim Pieter-Paul is Mrs. Pruim's down-trodden adult son. He is secretly in love with Betsy, but his mother does not like it when her son spends time with Big and Betsy.
Janus Chris Cauwenberghs Janus is the neighbour of Big and Betsy and he is a farmer as well. Farmer Janus is naive and easily deceived by Big and Betsy's schemes.
Agent Suikerbuik Agent Suikerbuik is the town's police officer, who is a true gourmand. He secretly enjoys Mrs. Pruim's discomfiture when Big and Betsy play their jokes and occasionally joins in with the fun.