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Big Nate: Blasts Off
Big Nate- Blasts Off.jpg
First edition
Author Lincoln Peirce
Cover artist Lincoln Peirce
Series Big Nate (Novels)
Genre Fiction
Published February 16, 2016, HarperCollins
Media type Print (Paperback and Hardcover)
Pages 224
ISBN 978-0062111128
Preceded by Big Nate: Lives It Up 

Big Nate: Blasts Off is a 2016 book written by Lincoln Peirce, which is the successor to Big Nate: Lives It Up. It is the final book in the novel series; however, comic book compilations and daily comics are still released.


The book begins with Nate not loving school and his class changing their seats for social studies. Nate is seated in front of his new crush, Ruby Dinsmore, and shows her an insulting comic about Mrs. Godfrey. Mrs. Godfrey sees Nate's comic and he is sent to detention, again. After detention, Nate has a run-in with Randy Betancourt but Ruby suddenly intervenes, making Randy back out. On the way to Nate's house, Dee Dee tells Francis and Teddy that Nate has a crush on Ruby (whilst also noting that Randy has a crush on Ruby). In Nate's home, Teddy tells Nate's dad that they are going to practice for the Mud Bowl, who tells them that he invented it and won the first Mud Bowl against Jefferson. The next day at school, Dee Dee tells Nate that she accidentally told her friends that Nate has a crush on Ruby. The whole school finds out and Randy bullies Nate. At lunchtime, Nate gets hired to write a column of the school paper (which has problems, such as misspelling). Nate's dad packs Nate another disgusting lunch, and no one is willing to trade lunches with him. Ruby feels bad for Nate and gives Nate her root beer. Nate opens the can, not knowing what Randy did, and gets sprayed with root beer getting humiliated in the process. Dee Dee tells Nate that Randy shook the can before Ruby gave it to Nate. Nate crashes with Randy at the boys' bathroom, and Principal Nichols enters the boys' bathroom. Nate isn't sent to detention but he will get other means of discipline if he picks on Randy (something that Nate has never done before). Nate goes home while his dad goes to work, and writes an insulting column about Randy for revenge and Randy, yet again, clashes with Nate attacking him. Principal Nichols sends the boys to Peer Counseling with Gina. This means Nate won't be able to practice for the Mud Bowl with his friends. When Nate goes home, Nate's dad tells Nate and his sister that he lost his job and that the family might have to move to California. Nate goes outside and meets his friends and learns from Dee Dee that Ruby likes Nate. But because he is moving to California, Nate tells his friends that he is not interested in starting a relationship with Ruby (which he later reveals he lied about it), much to his friends' dismay. A week later, Nate, still hasn't told anybody that he might be moving to California, goes on a field trip to a science museum and gets paired with Randy to do an assignment. Nate encounters Nolan, a Jefferson student who Nate knew long ago, and they fight about the Mud Bowl. Randy intervenes in the fight and the two boys mull over Nate moving away and Randy's parents divorcing. After the field trip, Nate and his friends practice for the Mud Bowl and Nate asks Randy to join the team. After a while, Dee Dee pulls Nate over and asks why he pretends to not like Ruby. Before Nate can give an explanation, Nate's dad arrives and tells Nate that he got another job where they live and that they don't have to move to California. Nate tells the news to his friends and an excited Ruby kisses Nate. Seeing this, an upset Randy has an argument with Nate, who reminds Randy that they are teammates and plan to talk strategy. Then, it begins to rain and two days later, the Mud Bowl starts. Nate's team comes up with a plan to win and beats Jefferson, breaking their 37th-year streak. A week later, Nate and his team read the school paper: "Betancourt & Wright team up to win the first 'mup' bowl in 37 years" as they head to social studies. Nate shows his friends another insulting comic about Mrs. Godfrey and says "I've got a feeling my cartooning career is about to BLAST OFF!" without noticing Mrs. Godfrey behind him.

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