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Daviesia cordata
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Daviesia, commonly known as Bitter-peas, is a large genus of flowering plants in the legume family. They are native to Australia, with a centre of diversity in Western Australia.

The genus is named in honour of Hugh Davies, a Welsh botanist. They have nitrogen-fixing bacteria contained in root nodules like other genera in their family.


The leaves of Daviesia species are like phyllodes. They are usually hard, frequently prickly, frequently circular in section, and sometimes reduced to scales. Some species have cladodes, e.g., D. alata. The roots of many Daviesia species have a mode of secondary thickening in which successive arch-like cambia arise outside the roots of the previous season, creating rope-like structures on the roots.

Many members of the genus are nitrogen fixers (and it is thought that probably most are).


Daviesia comprises the following species:

  • Daviesia abnormis F.Muell.
  • Daviesia acicularis Sm.
  • Daviesia alata Sm.
  • Daviesia alternifolia Endl.
  • Daviesia anceps Turcz.
  • Daviesia angulata Benth.
  • Daviesia arborea W.Hill
  • Daviesia arenaria Crisp
  • Daviesia arthropoda F.Muell.
  • Daviesia asperula Crisp
    • subsp. asperula Crisp
    • subsp. obliqua Crisp
  • Daviesia benthamii Meisn.
    • subsp. acanthoclona (F. Muell.) Crisp
    • subsp. benthamii Meisn.
    • subsp. humilis Crisp
  • Daviesia brevifolia Lindl.
  • Daviesia buxifolia Benth.
  • Daviesia cardiophylla F.Muell.
  • Daviesia cordata Sm.
  • Daviesia corymbosa Sm.
    • var. corymbosa Sm.
    • var. linearis (Lodd.) R.T. Baker
    • var. virgata (A. Cunn. ex Hook.) Ewart
  • Daviesia costata Cheel
  • Daviesia crenulata Turcz.
  • Daviesia croniniana F.Muell.
  • Daviesia daphnoides Meisn.
  • Daviesia debilior Crisp
    • subsp. debilior Crisp
    • subsp. sinuans Crisp
  • Daviesia decipiens (E. Pritz.) Crisp
  • Daviesia decurrens Meisn.
  • Daviesia dielsii E.Pritz.
  • Daviesia discolor Pedley
  • Daviesia divaricata Benth.
  • Daviesia elongata Benth.
  • Daviesia emarginata (Miq.) Crisp
  • Daviesia epiphyllum Meisn.
  • Daviesia eremaea Crisp
  • Daviesia euphorbioides Benth.
  • Daviesia filipes Benth.
  • Daviesia flava Pedley
  • Daviesia flexuosa Benth.
  • Daviesia genistifolia Benth.
    • var. colletioides (A. Cunn. ex Benth.) Benth.
    • var. genistifolia Benth.
  • Daviesia gracilis Crisp
  • Daviesia grahamii Ewart & Jean White
  • Daviesia hakeoides Meisn.
    • subsp. hakeoides Meisn.
    • subsp. subnuda Crisp
  • Daviesia horrida Meisn.
  • Daviesia incrassata Sm.
    • var. benthamii (Meisn.) Domin
    • var. brachyphylla (Meisn.) Domin
    • var. incrassata Sm.
    • var. reversifolia (F. Muell.) Crisp
  • Daviesia inflata Crisp
  • Daviesia lancifolia Turcz.
  • Daviesia latifolia R.Br.
  • Daviesia laxiflora (J.H. Willis) Crisp
  • Daviesia leptophylla Don
  • Daviesia longifolia Benth.
  • Daviesia major (Benth.) Crisp
  • Daviesia mesophylla Ewart
  • Daviesia microphylla Benth.
  • Daviesia mimosoides R.Br.
    • var. laxiflora (J.H.Willis) J.H.Willis
    • var. mimosoides R.Br.
  • Daviesia mollis Turcz.
  • Daviesia nematophylla Benth.
  • Daviesia nudiflora Meisn.
    • subsp. drummondii (Meisn.) Crisp
    • subsp. nudiflora Meisn.
  • Daviesia obovata Turcz.
  • Daviesia obtusifolia F.Muell.
  • Daviesia oppositifolia Endl.
  • Daviesia ovata Benth.
  • Daviesia pachylima Turcz.
  • Daviesia pachyphylla F.Muell.
  • Daviesia pectinata Lindl.
    • var. pectinata Lindl.
    • var. prionodes (Meisn.) E. Pritz.
  • Daviesia pedunculata Benth.
  • Daviesia physodes G.Don
  • Daviesia podophylla Crisp
  • Daviesia polyphylla Benth.
  • Daviesia preissii Meisn.
  • Daviesia pubigera Benth.
  • Daviesia purpurascens Crisp
  • Daviesia quadrilatera Benth.
  • Daviesia reclinata Benth.
  • Daviesia rhombifolia Meisn.
  • Daviesia spinosissima Meisn.
  • Daviesia spiralis Crisp
  • Daviesia squarrosa Sm.
    • var. squarrosa Sm.
    • var. villifera (Benth.) Benth.
  • Daviesia striata Turcz.
  • Daviesia stricta Crisp
  • Daviesia teretifolia Benth.
  • Daviesia triflora Crisp
  • Daviesia trigonophylla Meisn.
  • Daviesia ulicifolia C.R.P.Andrews
    • subsp. ruscifolia (A. Cunn. ex Benth.) G. Chandler & Crisp
    • subsp. ulicifolia C.R.P.Andrews
  • Daviesia umbellulata Sm.
  • Daviesia uniflora D.A.Herb.
  • Daviesia wyattiana Bailey

Species names with uncertain taxonomic status

The status of the following species is unresolved:

  • Daviesia acanthoclada Turcz.
  • Daviesia adnata F.Muell.
  • Daviesia aphylla F.Muell. ex Benth.
  • Daviesia apiculata Crisp
  • Daviesia argillacea Crisp
  • Daviesia articulata Crisp
  • Daviesia audax Crisp
  • Daviesia bursarioides Crisp
  • Daviesia calystegia Turcz.
  • Daviesia campephylla Crisp
  • Daviesia chapmanii Crisp
  • Daviesia chordophylla Meisn.
  • Daviesia coluteoides Walp.
  • Daviesia concinna R.Br. ex Benth.
  • Daviesia condensata Turcz.
  • Daviesia crassa Crisp
  • Daviesia cunderdin Crisp & G.T.Chandler
  • Daviesia denudata Vent.
  • Daviesia dilatata Crisp
  • Daviesia egena F. Muell.
  • Daviesia elliptica Crisp
  • Daviesia ericoides (Vent.) Pers.
  • Daviesia euryloba Crisp & G.T.Chandler
  • Daviesia genistoides Lodd.
  • Daviesia glauca Lodd.
  • Daviesia glossosema Crisp
  • Daviesia grahami Ewart & J. White
  • Daviesia grossa Crisp
  • Daviesia hamata Crisp
  • Daviesia humifusa Sieber ex DC.
  • Daviesia intricata Crisp
  • Daviesia juncea (Schrad.) Pers.
  • Daviesia juncea Sm.
  • Daviesia laevis Crisp
  • Daviesia latipes F.Muell.
  • Daviesia laurifolia Link
  • Daviesia lineata Crisp
  • Daviesia longipes Domin
  • Daviesia macrophylla Endl.
  • Daviesia megacalyx Crisp
  • Daviesia microcarpa Crisp
  • Daviesia neversifolia F. Muell.
  • Daviesia newbeyi Crisp
  • Daviesia nova-anglica Crisp
  • Daviesia nudula J.M.Black
  • Daviesia oxyclada Crisp
  • Daviesia oxylobium Crisp
  • Daviesia paniculata Benth.
  • Daviesia parifolia F.Muell.
  • Daviesia parvifolia S.Moore
  • Daviesia pauciflora Crisp
  • Daviesia phyllodinea S.Moore
  • Daviesia pleurophylla Crisp
  • Daviesia pseudaphylla Crisp
  • Daviesia pteroclada Crisp
  • Daviesia pungens R.Cunn. ex Benth.
  • Daviesia quoquoversus Crisp
  • Daviesia racemulosa DC.
  • Daviesia ramosissima Crisp
  • Daviesia ramulosa Benth.
  • Daviesia recurvata Maiden & R.T.Baker
  • Daviesia reticulata Sm.
  • Daviesia retrorsa Crisp
  • Daviesia rhizomata Crisp
  • Daviesia rubiginosa Crisp
  • Daviesia sarissa Crisp
  • Daviesia scoparia Crisp
  • Daviesia sejugata G.T.Chandler & Crisp
  • Daviesia smithiorum Crisp
  • Daviesia speciosa Crisp
  • Daviesia suaveolens Crisp
  • Daviesia ternata Endl.
  • Daviesia tortuosa Crisp
  • Daviesia ulicina Sm.
    • f. subumbellata (Labill.) Benth.
    • f. ulicina Sm.
  • Daviesia umbonata Crisp & G.T.Chandler
  • Daviesia uncinata Crisp
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