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Bladder saltbush
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Scientific classification

Atriplex vesicaria, commonly known as bladder saltbush, is a species of saltbush endemic to Australia.


It grows as an erect or sprawling shrub up to a metre high. Leaves are oval in shape, five to 25 millimetres long, and 3 to 15 millimetres wide.


The species was first published by George Bentham in 1870, based on a name selected by Robert Heward [es; fr]. The species' only synonym is Pachypharynx neglecta, published by Paul Aellen [de; es; pt] in 1938.

It is a highly variable species. The Flora of Australia treatment of this species recognises eight subspecies:

  • A. vesicaria subsp. vesicaria
  • A. vesicaria subsp. appendiculata
  • A. vesicaria subsp. variabilis
  • A. vesicaria subsp. calcicola
  • A. vesicaria subsp. minor
  • A. vesicaria subsp. incompta
  • A. vesicaria subsp. macrocystidia
  • A. vesicaria subsp. sphaerocarpa. Not all of these are accepted in South Australia, where the subspecies tend to intergrade.

Distribution and habitat

It occurs in arid and semi-arid areas across southern Australia, growing in coastal dunes, salt pans, salt lakes, sandy plains and limestone ridges.

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