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Bluestar's Prophecy
Author Erin Hunter
Cover artist Wayne McLoughlin
Country United States
Language English
Series Warriors
Genre Children's literature
Fantasy novel
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date
July 28, 2009
Pages 516
ISBN 978-0-06-158247-9
Followed by Into the Wild 

Bluestar's Prophecy is a children's fantasy novel Warriors series by Erin Hunter. This is the second Warriors Super Edition. The first was Firestar's Quest. The main character is Bluefur. The book tells her story from birth until she becomes leader of ThunderClan. It was published by HarperCollins and released on July 28, 2009. It was released in China on July 31, 2010.


Bluestar is also called Bluefur and Bluepaw during different parts of her life.

Bluestar's Prophecy follows the life of Bluestar, the future leader of ThunderClan. The book opens with a prologue that recounts the Bluestar's death in Warriors: A Dangerous Path from Bluestar's point of view. The book then goes back to Bluestar's childhood, during which Goosefeather, the Clan's medicine cat, receives a prophecy about Bluepaw being a fire that blazes through the forest, but who may be destroyed by water. A few moons later, Bluepaw's mother, Moonflower, is killed by the WindClan's medicine cat, Hawkheart.

Bluepaw's childhood is defined by her relationship with her sister, Snowpaw, which is damaged when Snowpaw - later Snowfur - falls in love with Thistleclaw, whom Bluefur finds arrogant and untrustworthy. Snowfur is later killed when she is hit by a speeding car, leaving a heartbroken Bluefur to care for her son, Whitekit.

As a warrior, Bluefur meets a RiverClan warrior named Oakheart; although they do not like each other at first, they eventually fall in love. They decide to spend one night together at Fourtrees, the regular Clan Gathering plan, but agree that for the good of their Clans, they will never meet again. One moon later, Bluefur is horrified to find out that she is expecting kits. Thrushpelt, a ThunderClan warrior with feelings for Bluefur, offers to help her take care of her kits. Bluefur accepts his offer, allowing the rest of ThunderClan to believe that Thrushpelt is the father of her kits.

Sunstar, ThunderClan's leader, tells Bluefur that he was planning to make her ThunderClan's new deputy, but because of her kits, he will promote Thistleclaw to deputy instead. After having a vision of Thistleclaw drenched in blood, Bluefur realizes that allowing him to become deputy and then leader would be deadly to the Clan. She decides to take her three kits to Oakheart and let them be raised in RiverClan. During this, one of her kits, Mosskit, freezes to death white her other kits, Mistykit and Stonekit, make it to Riverclan. She explains the disappearance of her kits by pretending they have been taken by a starving predator.

Without her kits, Bluefur is made deputy. After Sunstar loses his final life to dogs, she becomes leader, receiving her own nine lives and taking on the name Bluestar. After successfully leading ThunderClan for several seasons, she receives another prophecy from the ThunderClan medicine cat, Spottedleaf: “Fire alone can save our Clan.” Later, while on patrol with Whitestorm and her deputy, Redtail, she catches sight of a bright ginger house cat named Rusty. Recognizing him as the cat from Spottedleaf's prophecy, she names him Firepaw and accepts him into ThunderClan.

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