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Bongo Holdings PTE LTD
Trade name
Bongo BD
Industry Digital media, video technology, YouTube services and content production
Founded 2013
Founder Ahad Mohammad, Navidul Huq and Fayaz Taher
Headquarters Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bongo established in 2013, holds the distinction of being Bangladesh's pioneer and largest video-on-demand streaming service. The platform's journey commenced with the streaming of classic content on its YouTube channel, starting in January 2014. Since its inception, Bongo has played a pivotal role in shaping the country's digital entertainment landscape, offering audiences a diverse range of video content to enjoy at their convenience. With its early foray into the online streaming domain, Bongo has become a leading destination for Bangladeshi entertainment, catering to a wide audience and cementing its position as a key player in the industry.


Bongo BD was established in 2013 by Ahad Mohammad and Navidul Huq, and later collaborated with Grameenphone to introduce the Bioscope over-the-top media service in 2016. By February 2017, Bongo BD boasted an extensive collection of over 25,000 titles available for streaming, encompassing classic films, contemporary blockbusters, documentaries, original shows, and live sports. The platform's popularity was evident through its impressive daily visitor count, surpassing 1.5 million across all platforms.

In August of the same year, the Bioscope live TV and video-on-demand app was launched, gaining rapid traction to become the number one app in Bangladesh's Google Play Store with 3 million unique users. Subsequently, Bongo BD's exceptional achievements were acknowledged with the prestigious BASIS National ICT Award in the Media and Entertainment Technology category in October.

Initially, Bongo BD operated on a subscription revenue model complemented by advertisement income. However, in a commendable response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform made all of its content free for users in Bangladesh starting in March 2020. This move garnered substantial success, leading to over 100 million subscribers and an impressive 1 billion monthly views by May of the same year. In July, Bongo BD reintroduced its subscription fees, offering a compelling blend of free and premium content.

Fast-forward to June 2023, Bongo BD experienced remarkable growth, boasting more than 6 million monthly active users on both Web & App platforms. Additionally, the platform achieved substantial followings on various social media channels, including 11 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, 10.3 million followers on Facebook, 224k Instagram followers, and over 5 million app downloads from the Play Store and Apple Store. The platform's success extended beyond Bangladesh, with satellite offices established in Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and the Middle East, managing a vast network of YouTube channels and influencers spanning five countries.

Bongo's success can be attributed to its proprietary technology for Live TV and Video On Demand, empowering other platforms like Grameenphone's, Axiata's Robi TV, and Airtel TV. Moreover, the platform's robust data center and satellite down-linking, with support from partners like Jadoo Digital, have enabled seamless content delivery.

With a studio-led approach, Bongo supports over 400+ content creators in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka, providing assistance in managing their social media channels and helping them monetize their content while offering legal support. The platform is committed to technological innovation, enabling users with low-end devices to enjoy videos with minimal data consumption. Partnering with over 1100+ ISP providers in Bangladesh and utilizing a network of CDN servers, Bongo ensures fast and efficient content accessibility for mobile users.

Bongo's focus on technology is evident through its exploration of peer-to-peer delivery for Live TV and Video On Demand, achieving significant success in handling high concurrency during large sporting events. Additionally, Bongo actively works on optimizing video content by developing byte-size content and implementing compression processes to reduce bandwidth consumption. Through continuous innovation and expansion, Bongo has solidified its position as a leading startup in Bangladesh and beyond, catering to a diverse audience with a rich collection of captivating video entertainment.


Bongo OTT Content Categories

  • Live TV
  • Original Web Series
  • Original Drama
  • Telefilm / Telefictions
  • Non Fiction Shows
  • Turkish Drama
  • Indian Movie Dubbed
  • Chinese Drama
  • Kids
  • Shorts

Bongo original series

Title Genre Number of Seasons Release Year
Hulusthul Comedy 1 2023
Hotel Relax Comedy 1 2023
Open Kitchen Drama 1 2023
Dom Psychological Thriller 1 2022
Girls Squad Comedy 2 2021-2022
Bongo BOB Anthology 2 2021-2022
Musibot Reloaded Comedy, Drama 1 2022
Beauty Tailors Drama 1 2022
Doom Thriller 1 2022
Biye Korte Giye Comedy 1 2022
BnG Comedy 1 2022
Mon Kaaba Drama 1 2022
Dragon Gang Comedy 1 2022
Paracetamol 500 mg Comedy 1 2022
2 Mad Men Thriller 1 2021
Lockdown Drama 1 2020
Taka Comedy 1 2020
Kuhok Mystry, Crime 1 2019
Biye Korte Chai Romance, Drama 1 2019
Gangstuber Thriller, Drama 1 2019
Shondeher Obokash Drama 1 2019
Plural No. 3rd Person Comdedy 1 2019

Dubbed Series

Title Genre Language Release Year Ref
Shikari Thriller, Drama Turkish 2023
Akash Jure Megh Romance, Drama Turkish 2022
Rehana Romance, Drama, Family Turkish 2022
Sohosro Ek Rojoni Romance, Drama, Family Turkish 2021
Put Your Head on My Shoulder (as Ei Mon Tomake Dilam) Romance Chinese 2023
My Girlfriend is an Alien Romance, Fantasy Chinese 2023
Goblin Romance, Drama, Fantasy Korean 2016

Popular Drama and Telefilm

Title Genre Release Year
Portrait Mystery, Drama 2023
Kapurush Romance 2023
The Pickup Artist Romance 2023
Hawker Comedy, Romance 2023
Love Century Comedy, Romance 2023
Gulail Romance 2023
Neera Tragedy 2023
Ora Tin Jon Comedy 2022
Yearmate Romance 2022
Laaf Romance 2022
Ajob Prem Romance 2022
Gojodontini Romance 2020
Ek Hridoyhina Romance 2020
Case 3040 Thriller 2020
Ei Shohore Family 2019
Miss Shiuly Family 2019
Love Box Romance 2019
22 she April Tragedy 2019
Fapor Romance, Comedy 2019
Amader Shomaj Biggan Crime 2019


Event Sports Year
Fight Night Genesis Boxing 2022

South Indian Movies Bangla Dubbed

Title Original Title Genre
SinghoPurush Theri Action
Swapnabaj Surarai Potru Biography
I-Virus I-Virus Science Fiction, Action
Stranger Anniyan Action
Revenge Yavadu Action
Nyayjuddho Sarkaru Vaari Paata Action
Naropishach Ratsasan Psychological Thriller
Obhishap Vanam Thriller
Marsal Superstar Marsal Action
Netri Thalaaivi Biography
Genius Maharshi Family, Action
NGK NGK Action
V.I.P. 2 V.I.P. 2 Action
Project Mayajaal Project Mayavaan Science Fiction Thriller
Kabali Kabali Action
Bhaskar Mastan Bhaskar Oru Rascal Action
Bidrohi Karnan Action
Dosh Abotar Dasavatharam Sciece Fiction Action

Awards & Recognition

  • Bongo wins CJFB Performance Award for the Most Popular Streaming Platform. The 19th edition in July 2020 .
  • Bongo's Reality Show 'Ma Vs Bou' nominated for 9th Annual American Reality TV Awards 2022 alongside "Big Brother" and "MasterChef" among others, in the "international reality" section. All the other networks present in this competition are world leaders including Netflix, HBO,NBC, ABC, FOX, TLC, Discovery, Starz, etc.
  • Kisloo Golam Haider Director of Laboni (Bongo Bob Original Season 1) wins Best Director nominated by Critics in Meril-Prothom Alo Award 2021
  • Manoj Pramanik wins Best Actor (Critics Choice) Award for Laboni (Bongo Bob Original Season 1) in Meril-Prothom Alo Award 2021
  • Mehzabien chowdhury wins as best actress Joyee Award for Freelancer Nadia at WE Summit 2022
  • According to The InCap Based on popularity, quality & achievement Bongo becomes one of the Top 10 OTT Platforms in South Asia 2022.

Tech partnership

  • Shikho
  • GP
  • Robi Airtel
  • Astha

Content Partnership

  • Chingari (India)
  • Walton
  • Chorki
  • Bioscope
  • Haier


  • BongoWal (An exclusive content portal for Walton)
  • Shorts (App/Website embedded mini contents)
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