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Brachyscome ciliaris
Brachycome ciliaris habit.jpg
Scientific classification
B. ciliaris
Binomial name
Brachyscome ciliaris
(Labill.) Less.

Brachyscome ciliaris, commonly known as variable daisy, is a small bushy perennial herb with a prominent flower, which occurs throughout most of temperate Australia


It grows as a bushy perennial herb up to 45 centimetre in height. Flowers range from white to purple.


This species was first collected by Jacques Labillardière and published in his 1806 Novae Hollandiae Plantarum Specimen under the name Bellis ciliaris. In 1832 Christian Friedrich Lessing transferred it into Brachyscome, and the name has been Brachyscome ciliaris ever since. Because it is such a variable species, specimens have often been referred to new species, and hence this species has many taxonomic synonyms, among them: Brachyscome drummondii Walp., Brachyscome ciliaris var. brachyglossa Gauba, Brachyscome dimorphocarpa G.L.R.Davis, Brachyscome billardierei Benth. and Brachyscome ciliaris var. lanuginosa (Steetz) Benth..

Three varieties are recognised:

  • B. ciliaris var. ciliaris
  • B. ciliaris var. lanuginosa
  • B. ciliaris var. subintegrifolia

Distribution and habitat

Geographically speaking, it is very widely distributed, occurring in every Australian state. It is somewhat restricted in terms of habitat, however, favouring red earths and grey sands over limestone or clay, in disturbed areas and on the margins of salt pans.

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