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A branch is a part of a tree.

Branch or branching could also mean:


  • Branch (computer science), a point in a computer program where program-flow may change depending on a condition.
    • Branch predictor, the part of a processor that determines whether a conditional branch in the instruction flow of a program is likely to be taken or not.
    • Branch table, a term used to describe an efficient method of transferring program control (branching) to another part of a program using a table of branch instructions.
    • Indirect branch, a type of program control instruction.
  • Branching (software), a way of duplicating an object under revision control.



  • Branch (graph theory), a concept in mathematical logic
  • Branch point, a point at which a multiple-valued function changes values
  • Principal branch, a function which selects one branch of a multi-valued function


  • Branch (Christ), the Branch Davidian new name of Christ
  • Branch (Latter Day Saints), the Latter Day Saint equivalent of a congregation


  • Arthur Branch, a fictional character on the TV crime drama Law & Order
  • Branch (academia), an academic sub-discipline
  • Branch (banking), a retail location
  • Branch (bridle), a crooked piece of iron in a bit shank
  • Branch line, a relatively minor railway line
  • Branching (chemistry), a concept in polymer chemistry
  • Branching (linguistics), the general tendency towards a given order of words within sentences and smaller grammatical units within sentences
  • Cadet branch, a family line of nobility not descending from the first born son
  • Earthly Branches, one Chinese system for reckoning time
  • Executive branch, the branch of government responsible for the day-to-day management of the state
  • Olive branch, a gesture of peace
  • Post office branch, a type of postal facility that is not a main post office

People named Branch

  • Branch, Christopher (circa 1600-1682), early American colonist
  • Branch, Cliff (1948–2019), retired American football player
  • Branch, David (born 1948), Commissioner of the Ontario Hockey League
  • Branch, Emmett Forrest (1874-1932), governor of the U.S. state of Indiana
  • Branch, Frank (born 1944), Canadian politician
  • Branch, John, Jr. (1782–1863), U.S. Senator, Secretary of the Navy, governor of North Carolina, and territorial governor of Florida
  • Branch, Lawrence O'Bryan (1820-1862), Confederate General and Representative from North Carolina
  • Branch, Michael (born 1978), English professional footballer
  • Branch, Michelle (born 1983), American singer, songwriter and guitarist
  • Branch, Vanessa (born 1973), British actress and model
  • McCracken, Branch (1908–1970), college men's basketball coach

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