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Bridge may mean:

  • Bridge (structure), a structure built so that a transportation route can cross above an obstacle.
  • Bridge (dentistry), a fixed prosthesis used to replace missing teeth.
  • Bridge (exercise), most commonly the balancing of the body on the head and feet.
  • Bridge (graph theory), an edge whose removal disconnects a graph.
  • Bridge (grappling), a move intended to dislodge an opponent in top control.
  • Bridge (prosody), a point in a line of poetry where a break in a word-unit cannot occur.
  • Bridge (ship), the area from which a ship is commanded.
    • Main Bridge (Star Trek), the control center of Starfleet vessels in the Star Trek universe.
  • Contract bridge, a card game.
  • Bridge loan, a short-term loan to cover a gap in time until a new long-term financing is realised.
  • Adobe Bridge, a program included with the Adobe Creative Suite to link the other programs together
  • Hashiwokakero, meaning "build bridges", a Japanese puzzle.
  • "bridge the gap": a phrase meaning to connect different things or ideas
    • Bridge cameras combine some of the advantages of large and small cameras
  • Bridge Records, Inc., a record label

In chemistry:

  • Bridge (chemical), an unbranched chain of atoms or an atom or a covalent bond connecting two bridgeheads in a polycyclic compound.
  • A Salt bridge, in chemistry, is a laboratory device used to connect the oxidation and reduction half-cells of a galvanic cell (electrochemical cell)
  • Salt bridge (protein) (or salt bond), in protein chemistry, is the term used to denote chemical bonds between positively and negatively charged side-chains of proteins.

In electronics:

  • Bridge rectifier, an electronic circuit for converting alternating current to direct current.
  • Wheatstone bridge, an electronic circuit for comparing resistors, capacitors or inductors to high standards of accuracy.

In music:

  • Bridge (instrument), the device that anchors the strings to or holds the strings above the body of a string instrument, such as a violin or guitar.
  • Bridge (music), an interlude that connects two parts of song.

In computers:

  • Bridge pattern, a computer science design used to separate an abstraction and its actual implementation.
  • Network bridge, an electronic device used to connect two computer or telephone network segments.


Places with the name Bridge

  • Bridge, Kent, a place in Kent, England.
  • Scotland has many place names in the style of Bridge of Allan.

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